xfx 680i LT motherboard build problem?

I have a xfx 680i LT SLI motherboard. I don't have any fans running and nothing boots up. All I have is a blue led light on the motherboard when I turn on the psu and a orange light when I turn on the power. What could be the possible problem and how can I try to fix it if I can? Thanks.
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  1. Double check all the connections from the PSU. Try another PSU
  2. Hello vaj26 Just wondering if you ever fixed your prob as I am having same problem. Puter was running fine for over year today went to go on wiggled mouse nothing no picture.
    Started techy work and when power button is pushed the cpu fan just moves very little then yellow light comes on and blue light that was always on and after that nothing.
    Put in new psu and same thing happens. Wondering if anyone has any idea?
  3. I have got the same problem - fine runnung for 2 years and then from on day to the other - nothing boots up no fan no psu fan only the blue and orange led
    HELP HELP ???
  4. After 2 years my XFX680i one day came up with that Blue LED on and no boot. I got it
    to boot finally (a couple of times ) by resetting the power supply, and reconnecting all cables. the
    last time only and internal fan was running an the blue led on.. NO BOOT, no nothing. I check the power supply shorted pins 16 ( ps-on) & ground, outside the case, and it started, fan was moving ( at least I know 12v are there ) , at this point it looks like a MOBO issue....... any ideas guys ... before i trash this thing........... Thx
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