2x ocz core v2 vs. 2x velociraptor on adaptec controller

I want to buy a new system hdd for xp.
I already had a core v1 (on ich9) but it was awful: always freezing!

So if i put a pair of core v2 in raid0 on an external controller (adaptec 3405 or 5405) will it be fine?

How does it compare to a pair of velociraptors in raid0 (on the same adapter)?
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  1. OMFG

    theres another core series out...

    omg my core series is always freezing to... is there anyway to upgrade... like firmware or something... or do you have to shell out another couple hundred...

    My ssd has been so annoying me I thought it was just an SSD thing not a stupid OCZ thing... how annoying
  2. If not ocz, which brand around the same price with decent performance and no freezing?
  3. None. You need a well designed MLC SSD or an SLC SSD to eliminate the freezing. The only well designed MLC on the market right now is the Intel X25-M, which is quite a bit more expensive. SLC is also quite a bit more expensive.
  4. What's about a pair of mtron mobi 3000 ?
  5. Get the Vel raptor if you want a fast system drive.
    Use it for heavy R/W apps.

    Get the SSD for your R/O Files such as your applications for quick launch.
  6. tariag said:
    What's about a pair of mtron mobi 3000 ?

    Those look decent, though the capacity is dinky. If you don't mind how small they are, they would be significantly faster than the Core.
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