XP crashes after trust TB-7300 driver

Hi all,

I am back to Tomshardware forum looking for help again! I have a problem with my new set up that is driving me crazy!

I installed a trust TB-7300 driver and upon restart my computer went into a loop, there is a blue screen but flashes for part of a second only.

I tried to restart in safe mode so I can go back to previous set point (I always create restore point before installing anything). When I do this my pc screen is full of text,

multi(0)disk(0)rdisc(0)partition(1)... etc

At the end there are different drivers listed

I think I have no option but to reinstall XP? I would appreciate any help on how to avoid in the future/what happened!!

Thanks in advance!!

PS I also posted in peripherals as I didnt know which is most suitable
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  1. 1. Please do not double post. You could end up getting conflicting solutions that could confuse you even more.

    2. When downloading drivers, you want to go to the manufactures website. This is where you want to get your driver from for the Trust Wide Screen Design Tablet TB-7300 ...

    3. FYI - What is know as the BSOD or Blue Screen Of Death is often caused by installing bad drivers.
  2. "What is know as the BSOD or Blue Screen Of Death is often caused by installing bad drivers. "

    Thanks for this Gandalf, I guess if I reinstall windows from scratch again the problem will be solved. I figured it will prob take more time to fix it and dont like the idea of already having problems with the computer, its new.

    Thanks for the drivers link, I will download latest brn it and instal when I have reinstalled XP on other PC!
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