How do you clean the thermal paste on the CPU?

Im planning to buy a Zalman 9500LED cpu cooler but I have one question before i go and buy it. Right now I have the Intel stock heatsink/fan from the E6750. So if i take out the Intel stock one, the thermalpaste will be left over on the cpu. I heard a lot of ppl say use the nail polish to clean it but will it damage the CPU? Cause I thought any water that touches the CPU will damage it? or?
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  1. A small amount of Isoprophyl alcohol and a soft cloth will work fine. The actual chip is protected by the housing you will be cleaning.
  2. So is the nail polish stuff Isoprophyl alcohol? or where can i get Isoprophyl alcohol?
  3. No nail polish is not alcohol. Walmart, costs about a dollar for a large bottle of 75%.
  4. Rubbing alcohol will evaporate real quick like, so you don't need to worry. Use a 100% lint free cloth (like 100% cotton) so that lint doesn't get on the cpu which will decrease surface area and so on. Clean both the cpu and the heatsink properly before applying new paste.
  5. As they've said you can use high purity rubbing alcohol...or you can go for super clean and use this (hasn't failed me):

    ...and it smells good too. :)
  6. I just wipe it off with a paper towel, there is no need to get all anti-septic on it.
    But if you have something that needs a bit more strength use 90% Isopropyl.
  7. medical alchohol prep pad
  8. I keep a box of alcohol pads in my tool box as well as some cotton swabs in a bag with AS5.
  9. The artic clean 1 + 2 combo works pretty good, but it's a bit more expensive than rubbing alcohol, which works fine also.
  10. don't use acetone it will melt your PCB board if you happen to get some on it
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