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Im a high school (history) teacher that is going to be spending a lunch time once a week helping some kids with video editing. I was wondering if anyone has some suggestions for a program that could be used for this. Free and easy to learn would both be very helpful as this would allow me to eat my lunch in peace! The students have Adobe CS6 on their (slow Celeron) laptops, but im worried it will be as easy to learn as Photoshop. Would it be better for me to take the plunge and encourage them to use this instead?

thanks for your help
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  1. It depends what you are going to be teaching them. If they're just beginners, Windows (Live) Movie Maker is simple enough.

    If you want to get more complicated, try this link:
  2. will give you all the freeware versions of any software for you to try out. Most of the free video editors that I have tried have a tendency for the audio to lag behind the video. Videopad Video Editor is a great example of audio trailing behind.
  3. Most of em are at a basic level but there's one kid who is fairly advanced. I will give EZvid a go to start, it sounds like its perfect for editing videos and putting on youtube etc. If they get bored of that I can always take the plunge into something more advanced. Hopefully with short clips of a few minutes, any audio sync issues will be minimal. Thanks heaps for your suggestions.
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