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my name is mary and i want to he;lp me please;;

i am from greece and i want to buy new parts for my cpu
like monitor , cpu and more but in greece the shops which we have\\

are not good because the techonogy which we have in greece is
very back and i dont want to spend money for old stuff

for this can you tell me please;;
which is the best online shop in usa which it has the latest newest and update stuff for to buy new parts for my computer; please;

i was looking in google for online shops but i couldnt find
can you help me please;; which is the best online shop for

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  1. Hello Mary,

    In my opinion, the best online stores in the USA are:

    Fry's Electronics:

    I don't know if any of them will ship products to Greece, but you should be able to at least preview and research computer components.

    Hope this helps you.

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