Can't install DVD-ROM software games with CD-ROM??

I have a CD-ROM drive, the game I am trying to install says DVD-ROM software. I put the disc in, the computer doesn't read it. What the hell is this? Why are games only being catered to people with DVD-ROM drives? I swear I have installed a game before that was DVD-ROM. As a matter a fact, I have it right here Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007. I have since un-installed it, but I just purchased a few games new games and unable to install since the computer is not reading them. Is there a way to get my computer to read these and install them short of purchasing a new computer? This is insanity if it's not possible, and a side note is that the CD-ROM is working fine and reading all my other games and CD's and whatnot.
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  1. Take your computer to your nearest service center and tell them to install a DVD drive for you. This is the easiest and safest way to get your system capable of reading DVD discs.

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  2. Actually, I ordered the PGA game online and it came as a DVD-ROM. Not going to go through the work to scan the front cover of the game to show you, just believe me when it says that. Mis-print? Possibly, but either way i'm reading it right now and it says PC DVD-ROM on the front of it. Now, obviously I know you need a DVD drive to read a DVD, but since I installed a game already that says it is DVD, I thought there may be a way around. Thanks for your stupid extremely non-informative response.
  3. First of all, I think it's impossible to read DVD from CD-rom drive. The way laser works and the media is recorded is incompatible.
    At first I thought perhaps sections of the DVD could be written in CDROM compatible way, but I think there is a simpler answer:

    I looked up PGA 2007 and there's conflicting notation on the game. It says "DVD-ROM" but on details section it says "media: cd-rom"

    I believe the game you have is CD-ROM but DVD-rom compatible(of course).

    Perhaps you can put the disk in your CDrom tray and right-click, property to find out the size of the disc?
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