Virtual monitor?

Run a second computer in a window on my desktop?
No remote desktop, no switches just a second computer that runs on a virtual monitor.
Any ideas?
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  1. P.S. My monitor is DVI + HDMI Capable.
  2. "No remote desktop, no switches just a second computer that runs on a virtual monitor."

    That's a contradiction in terms. You are asking how to run a second computer in a window (i.e. a remote desktop) and then say "no remote desktop". It's like saying "I wan't to add a second hard disk to my computer but I only want one hard disk".

    Remote desktop does exactly what you are asking for (apart from the "no remote desktop" condition). I'm pretty sure that no computer monitors do "window in window" as some TVs do. Or, you could just run a virtual computer in a virtual machine like VirtualBox.

    Perhaps you could explain in a little more detail exactly what you are trying to do and why you have the "no remote desktop" condition?
  3. Hmm well i have a desktop I'm on now and a desktop I'm working on. My idea would be to plug them both up to my monitor at the same time and run the second rig in a window so i can pop back n forth like a remote desktop just with out having to remote it, kinda like virtual box but for a monitor. This would capture my mouse and keyboard when i move the focus to it. Allowing me freedom to utilize my PC and the one I'm working on.
  4. The best you can do is to use the monitor controls to switch inputs and have separate keyboards and mice. Otherwise you are talking about a remote desktop. What's the problem with using Remote Desktop?
  5. I Have other mobitors i use and i am aware of switches and remote desktops, Just feel it should be possible and wondering if it isn't why?
  6. How could it possibly work without some form of remote desktop software? How could computer B know that the mouse is in its window on computer A, and how could it receive mouse and keyboard input from computer A?

    That's exactly what Remote Desktop does.
  7. Just think that it would be reasonable to hardwire the comp other than running thru a network :)
  8. Yes I'm aware I would need second set of mice n keyboards, the point I was drifting away from is the second comp hardwired to dvi port, in a virtual window on my desktop. Its plugged in and I have to toggle source to switch back n forth. would be really cool to run it in a small window, I'm sure there may be hardware limitations to achieve this but I'm hoping there's a way, not because its easy but because its not available and I think that's just silly.
  9. Ah, if you are happy to run a separate keyboard and mouse things are slightly different. I was misled by your saying "This would capture my mouse and keyboard....". I believe that some expensive computer monitors do allow PIP from separate inputs, but I can't name any offhand.

    I run two computers through one monitor by selecting the input. Once you are using a separate keyboard and mouse it's not a big deal. But, mostly, I run VMs in a window (easily switched to full screen).
  10. Thx for your input, I here what your saying. I'll keep this in mind for future monitor purchases. So I would like to use or find a pip / capture type software for a second computer. Any ideas of what's out there or this is even possible? It just seems to me this is plausible, and not unrealistic in the slightest. I come home plug in the comp to my monitor pop up the software n use its wireless gear so on. Don't get me wrong at this point I could plug it n an toggle input then setup teamviewer to remote it. of course with one mouse n all, but I thought the simplicity of this just plugging it n working sounds legit.
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