What's the bottleneck of my computer (file server)?

Q6600 @ 3.0ghz
LSI21320-IS RAID controller (in 32bit PCI slot)
2x 15k rpm Hitachi's (300gb 15k300) in RAID0
Speedtest.net: 30mbit download, 16mbit upload

If so, anyone know of a cheap adaptec 29320lpe hba? it's a pcie x1 hba, thus allowing external rates of 250mb/s?
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  1. Your definetly bottlenecked at the RAID controller PCI 32bit is going to be a killer for the bandwidth on those Hitachi's

    Look at a PCI-e x 4 controller to get the bandwidth. Something like this will give you more bandwidth. Im assuming those drives are SAS.

    The only other things that will slow you down is network connection to other machines and you internet connection.
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