Solid State HD for WinXP Pro / Vista boot installation…

I’m thinking about getting a Solid state HD as my 1st primary Sata II HD for installing WinXP Pro (And possibly Win Vista Ultra in the future)

This specific one caught my attention:
OCZ SSD 60GB (Sata II Core Series V2)

Its specs are superior to even the fastest 7200 – 10000RPM magnetic HD!
Sequential Access - Read Up to 170 MB/s
Sequential Access - Write Up to 98 MB/s

So, is it worth the money and will it work flawlessly / faster for installing and booting WinXP Pro?

Thanks in advance
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  1. No, not even close to a good HD's performance.

    Read this article.

    Unless you want to spend the $600+ on a good SSD, the fastest drive available for your machine right now is the Velociraptor.
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