Yellow Exclamation Point on Pci Device in Device manager

Running Windows XP on Emachines ET1161-07. Installed all drivers that I could find, since EMachines does not represent XP. Tried Realtek audio and HD audio, tried Intel, didn't work. Tried NVidia, as it has an NVidia motherboard. Spent too much time on this computer. Can anyone lend a hand?

P.S. I know it's got something to do with Audio, as there's no audio device detected in Sounds, under Control Panel.

P.P.S. Customer has to have computer today, so anyone that can give any info would be of great help!!!
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  1. Clarifying questions can be answered, if anyone asks them that is!
  2. What's the hardware in the PCI slot?

    Make sure it has SP2 or SP3.
  3. There's no pci devices in any of the pci or express slots. It has sp3.
  4. In the device manager, right click on the computer name, and scan for new hardware.

    If there's no PCI or PCIe hardware installed, you can just disable it. Just make sure all the other hardware works, and that it's not hardware being recognized wrong.
  5. None detected during that process, however, working ina local business, I can't just disable it as the customer needs it for audio for moviemaking.
  6. I think I found out how to fix it. As Emachines doesn't support XP on their computers anymore, the driver is very hard to get, but I believe I found a way around it. Will post when I know for sure.
  7. yes, it was the audio, and it was the motherboard that was needed. Needed Microsoft UAA, and then needed to download Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus
  8. aford10 said:
    Just make sure all the other hardware works, and that it's not hardware being recognized wrong.

    That's the reason I threw in ^ this caution. The audio hardware isn't PCI, it was recognized wrong.

    All is good then?
  9. I agree, thanks for your help. I have fixed the problem.
  10. Good deal
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