Do i have enough or to much memory?

Whats up guys, i am currently building my computer, i have a nvidia nfroce 650i ultra motherboard which has four slots for DDR2 memory, i have 2 chips of 2gb memory which would be a total of 4gb's.I still have 2 open slots, by adding more memory would that be to much? Thank You,
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  1. It all depends on your OS. If you have the 64bit version of XP or Vista, than the OS can use more than 3-3.2gig's of memory. If your on just the regular 32bit OS of XP or Vista than I'd just stick with the 2gb's for now.
  2. Anything more than 3GBs is a waste of money with 32bit OS as large sections of the 3-4gb section of system memory are reserved for things called memory-mapped devices...this scarily includes the 128MB-1GB graphics card u may have.
    Even if your using a 64bit OS no difference there. U will still only get about 3gbs depending on your m-m-ds. but the thing with 64bit is that it allows you to go further than 4gbs of system mem all the way up to 8gbs. but you will only see about 7gbs of usable system mem because of the same principle.
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