PCI-E 1.x Mobo w/ PCI-E 2.0 Graphics Card

I was reading an anandtech article about PCI-E 2.0 and found a small part of the article mentions a rare occurance of incompatibility between PCI-E 1.x motherboards and the new PCI 2.0 graphics cards. I've experienced this issue with a Diamond HD 3870 PCI-E 2.0 graphics card in my MSI K9A mobo. I went through the trouble of trying to get support from Diamond, but I did not get a response from them. I also contacted MSI, and here is the contents of my communication and their response:

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End User 12/18/2007 I recently upgraded from two X1950 Pro video cards which were crossfired, to a Diamond Radeon HD 3870. I uninstalled the Catalyst 7.11 video drivers, shut down the system, and shut off the power supply. I then wore an anti-static strap, removed the two old video cards, and installed the new HD 3870 video card. I made sure the video card was seated properly in the Master PCI Express X16 slot, and plugged in the six pin power adapter. I then plugged in the computer, and turned it on. This is where the problem started. It appears that the hard drive is active, just like it normally is when it loads windows, however, my monitor is not receiving a digital signal from the video card. I checked that the monitor was plugged in, and powered on, as well as hooked up to the video card, but I still got a message on my screen that there was no signal. I also checked the second DVI plug on the video card, but it still does not work. I know that the new video card is getting power, as the fan is spinning and I can feel warm air from the exhaust. I then put the old video card in, and the video worked fine. My concern is that the new Diamond HD 3870 is PCI-Express 2.0 compliant, but is compatible with current PCI-Express 1.0 Is there a new Motherboard Bios availabe that could enable the video card to be recognized properly?

MSI Tech. 12/18/2007 Check with the video card manufacturer to see if their card has been certified to work with our mb since by using our MSI own 3870 card which has no problem: http://www.msicomputer.com/product/p_spec.asp?model=RX3870-T2D512E_OC&class=vga

Has anyone else had issues such as this, and is your mobo or graphics card manufacture responding to your help request or working on the problem??
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  1. Have the same problem with my MSI K9A mobo and Saphire HD5670 GFX card, thought the card was burnt but but tried it in a more recent ASUS mobo and it worked fine. Tried updating the bios to the latest as it had "improved VGA compatibility" but that didn't help. Will be contacting MSI and hope they reply...
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