ANOTHER 1st timer build!!! TIA

I asked this over here;

...but near the end of my rambling, I asked that maybe I should post my concerns in a different topic area and sure enuf, here I am... So I have copied and pasted my thoughts in this post!!! I have missed these kind of forums, but hey just like the "prodigal son", I am back... lol

:hello: NEWbie here.. Well, I just have not kept up to date since PII My qualifacations go as high as p166 48mbRAM with either 95a and 98se. I have seen the changes, but no indepth research and or playing around with anything later!

I reached this thread through the "How to build" section here at Tom's... At least I think there was a link over there to here. But anyway, while trying to figure out componets to piece together i have asked around at a few shops here in town. I also asked about the x38 vs.P35... I was sorta steered away! I will elaborate more l8r..

My needs are as follows;
**SPEED for file transfers either copy or from the internet re; music dwnlds to mp3 plyrs or to the HDD, watching vids on the net and transfering vids over the net (skydiving videos)
**VIDEO editing and digi photos (I have a MINI DV cam with still pic taking capabilities that I NEED to be able to transfer from to DVD instead of VHS... duh)
**DSL for internet connection (again a SPEED thing)
**STORAGE (perhaps a few biggie HDD 250gb+ each)
**minimal gaming and office type programs
** but do NEED a GREAT to EXCELLENT video/pic editing software program

I think that pretty much does it..

Does this setup sound right;
*Intel 775 E2160 1800 1M
*1775 Evga NF75-K1
*DDR2 6400 1024Mx2 Pa
*580w AGI U580UB
*SATA 500g 7200 WD Ks (do I want a smaller HDD for the OS/primary with the listed 500g as a SLAVE/storage?)
*DVD Lite 20x LS
*MSXP Home

I am thinking that I am being steered away from the x38 because of wanting to rid their inventory!?! I am not saying this to flame the shop(s), just throwing it in the mix!

What do YOU, the PRO, hobbist, the GEEK, the newbie that HAS kept up to date, think about 1- MY NEEDS and 2-the SETUP above???

If this should go into a different thread cool, just let me know where it was moved to, but like I said, I think I was directed here by the HOW TO section here in Toms...


may yr karma b positive
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  1. well since you cant get an awnser ill help you.

    Preaty much for ur need everything is good that dual core is all your gunna need for ur os. for gfx your going to want a
    xfx geforce 8600gt xxx it is by far the best bang for the buck since it can play "all" of the new games up to crysis! at above 20 fps witch is all you realy need plus its only $100.00 if you get it on rebate witch is easy to find and if you dont want to mess with it your still good still only $120.00 and its a high quality card so for $30-40 more your geting 4X the card.

    Hope this helps you

    P.S. the power supply if overboard if ur not going to oc (overclock) it 350-400w is sufficent adn will save you money. btw you probly be better off with a pre-built machine cheap from a place like or
  2. If you need wirefire, e.g., for a camcorder, the ASUS would be good. If you don't need the firewire, then the Gigabyte

    Video, music, and photo editing/rendering is very CPU intensive. If you can do it, you should go quad core if not, the Intel e6750 would be good. I'm using Adobe Premier Elements, which has been the mosts stable video editing program I've used and I've used Premier, Power Director, and Roxio's Easy Media and Premiere Elements is fairly easy to use. I have Photo Shop Elements but I find it's a tough learning curse. I have an older version of Corel Paint Shop Pro that is a lot easier to use and the newest version is getting good reviews. If you're running audio through a receiver and can afford it, either of these cards would be good. I recently got the HT Omaga. However, I'd only buy a sound card if I had the money after I got everything else.

    If you're getting a case, look at the Antec Sonata III, I have a couple of the IIs and they are quiet, easy to work with, and come with a good PSU. These cases are always on sale and I've them as low as $100 on a few occasions and usually in the $130
  3. THANKS a whole bunch you two (X2 and g paw)

    I forgot one thing to mention the other day on my op, and that is I would/need to keep it under $800.00....

    Now "g paw" funny you mention a few things b/c after doing some more research after becoming a wee bit more knowledgble with componets and their specs, I decided to try a second build with a bit more "future proof" in mind and this is what I came up with the second time and BEFORE you posted, but I havent had the time to get back in here to SHOW/ask what peeps thought of this build;

    ~GA-P35C-DS3R P35 775 ATX Motherboard
    ~Intel® Boxed Pentium® Dual-Core Processor E2160
    ~Platinum XTC Series 2GB PC-6400 DDR2 Revision 2 Memory Kit (Two 1GB DDR2-800 Memory Modules)
    ~320GB 7,200RPM SATA-300 Hard Drive
    ~Super-WriteMaster Dual/Double Layer DVD±RW Burner SATA
    ~Sonata III Silent ATX Mid Tower
    ~e-GeForce 7200 GS 256MB PCIe Video Card

    TOTAL = $648.97 shipped

    with the exception of the lower chip, how does this look?? Am I missing anything or would/should anything be changed? I suppose I go get the better processer now and still be under my $800, but I cant decide which OS to go with either....??

    PLEASE keep in mind that this system is mainly for internet (transfer rates) and VIDEOediting and pic capture from a MINI DV and or future cams and digi cams and also mp3 dwlds.... Not really in need of anything for gaming, but dont wanna be caught off guard with a non upgradeble mobo..

    Thx in ADV fellas

    dannydan : DD
  4. also is my DVD burner a good one or is it just a so so drive? It was listed at $35 bucks, can a get a WAY better one for a bit more? Back in my day of new computing (1997) everything was like 2 or 3 times the cost of what I am seeing today for better and faster componets!!! I need to get to my mini dv cam and see if it is firewire or not....
  5. It looks good and the Sonata is a good case. Like I said previously, what you'll be doing is CPU intensive. Given your budget I think you'd be better going with the less expensive CPU and plan on upgrading to a quad core when you get the money. What I'm doing is editing video but burning/rendering overnight or when I know I'll be off the computer for the anticipated length of time.
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