HELP! Stripping failed paint job P182 case

*EDIT* I need y'alls help, read my last post.

All right, I have purchased a gun metal black P182 case from antec. I love this case and this antec line series. My only gripe is that the inside is the base dull gray color. I absolutely love how the P182 se Mirror case looks inside, it is a nice solid black. I don't like however the mirror finish. I plan to do some modding to the case and so the inside of the case will be visible from the outside. I want to add some yellow cathode lights or LED in the case to give it a ambient glow of yellow that will go well with the gun metal black.

So my main questions are:

1.) How should I go about painting the inside of the case to black?

2.) What supplies would I use/need?

3.) what are some good tutorials that I may follow? (I already google searched for guides and how to's but they focus on painting the outside case and not painting the inside of the case)

4.) Does anyone know of a custom modder or company that would mod the side panel to have a design and/or clear window? Or how could I do it myself?

5.) Do any of you faithful Toms hardware posters know of ways to make this case cool? Any Ideas/themes that I should go with?

Thank you very much and I hope to read your repplies.
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  1. Hey y'all. basically this is a bump and a clarification:

    Now my question. How would I be able to get my inside...

    to look like this...

    Im in no way experience to case modding or painting and I've been searching and reading for the last couple of days and now have a idea on what I need to do but I am unsure of myself and I want to know how y'all would go about doing this? What paint/primer/shade should I use? What sanding technics must I use? And any other thoughts

    Thank you so much for any help. I look forward to reading y'alls replies.

    (yes I posted this on a couple of forums, not to spam but to get more of y'alls thoughts)
  2. Have you tried updating your bios?
  3. Primer, flat-black spray paint, masking tape, newspaper and lots of patience.

    Make sure all surfaces are extremely clean with soapy water and let dry, use a hairdryer if you want faster results. You just need to tape off everything that wouldn't be painted such as wires/leads, sensors, etc. Start primering in light coats until all metal is covered. Once the primer dries, move on to the flat black, working in light, even coats. Make sure you tape off and cover the exterior with plastic or newspaper so you don't get overspray on it.


  4. Thank you all for all of your suggestions. I've decided to purchase the Ultra flat black spraypaint along with the primer (2xcans each). I hope I have the right supplies to get it done. I went out and purchased besides the sparypaint and primer is goggles, gloves, sandpaper (220 320 400), sandpaper block, spraypaint pistol grip, tack cloth, and a degreaser. heres a pic.

    here is what I've done to the computer case so far

    now I need to plan out an action strategy. After reading many 'how to' guides and your suggestion, which helped a lot, I think that I am ready to begin during this weekend. please let me know if I forgot something or if something is amiss. I will check back with y'all.

    Thanks again.
  5. so how did it go, post pictures please!
  6. Hey y'all, I need your help. its been about a year since I posted this thread and bought my Antec P182 gun metal black case which I absolutely love. So I sanded and painted it about a 9 months ago. It was my first time painting the interior of a case before and it was tough to get everything sanded and painted. After four layers of primer and about for layers of flat black paint it was done. However, it was riddled with imperfections and the paint was flaking off like crazy, I did not wet sand in the process of painting so I don't know if that is a cause of it, or my not letting the paint have enough time to dry.

    Anyway, with what I felt was a failure of a paint job I lost confidence of my abilities to paint. The case was expensive and for about a year its in peices in a box waiting until I could muster up the courage to have another knack at it.

    My question and plea for help is that I don't have much time to sand (took weeks my first time, just because I was so busy at the time) due to my other project ADM or Adam desk mod. So what is a good alternative to stip off the paint and primer so that I could keep sanding to the minimum. I understand that if you want to do a great job then one must take his time. I just don't have much of it at the moment. I remember my boss once said that soaking the parts in acoustic soda (that is what I remember) for a day and then all the paint would be gone. However I could not find anything of the sort. So if any of y'all have any ideas, PLEASE let me know. I've done a lot of research which most of it is forgotten and my patience is at a end on the case. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. Are willing to risk the finish on the outside of the case???
  8. if I had to tell you were the painting process went wrong, it was in the prep.

    I would have use MEK or L51 Toluene to clean the metal surfaces prepare them for paint. They will leave NO residue on the metal.
  9. MAJOR BUMMER! I just bought a new case and was thinking of painting the interior flat black as the new motherboard is black and has lots of shiny copper heatsinks. I also have chrome/silver split flexible tubing that I plan to use for cable management. The black, copper, and chrome would look good.

    I have done some case mods in the past. What I did was "etch" bare metal to prepare it for painting. In the U.S. one can purchase a can of the fluid at hardware stores. I bought a can at ACE hardware. Needless to say wearing chemical safety gloves is a mandatory requirement. After "etching" the bare metal, prime and paint it.

    Did the primer flake off as well? That would be a pretty good indicator that the metal was not prepared adequately.

    The "acoustic soda" your boss mentioned is actually "caustic soda". In the US painters typically use TSP (tri-sodium phosphate).
  10. Search around Youtube for ideas like this. An electric sander is cheap $25-30, masking tape, newspaper and a lot of preperation and masking off. Take your time.

    I was able to do stuff like this after a couple of tries at it:
  11. I have done some case painting and I can safely tell you there is no cheap alternative to spray paint and sanding. To start you have to clean the case (of dirt and metal imperfections) extensively, sure there are some products that may help, but they will not give you the same resault as a week of hard sanding and finishing off with a couple hours of scrubbing. Now by "week" I mean 1-2 hours a day for a week. After this you need to do what you did before, but make sure you let EVERYTHING dry for a good 24 hours before any further sanding or painting. You need to take sanding VERY seriously this step will make or break you. I would normally recommend sanding until you recognize yourself in the paint, but there is a good chance that you wont with flat black. For good measure you should ATLEAST spend 2 hours sanding before coats. Remember sanding does not have to be done in one sitting. I also recommend that you buy the spray paint "gun" fixture to make the paint more evenly spread.

    After reading all that if you really do not want to do it again then you do have another expensive option. You could call up your local body shops and see what they will charge for painting the inside of a case.

    Good luck.
  12. can I use a pylox spray to mine?
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