D3SL newest bios adds Multiplier Increase Option

Whats the deal? They are letting me bypass the lock on the multiplier that Intel puts on the E8400 chips? How?

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  1. I have no idea. Can you run CPUz and see what the setting is?
  2. I turned it on in bios but CPUz shows just x 9.0 still and 3ghz.

  3. Then simply it means that the bios setting isn't having any effect. Wish it did though. :)
  4. No it might work... no matter what I change it always resets to default. I cant figure out why.. Ive disabled speed step and before that I reset bios to default just in case. When I increase the FSB to 400mhz and lower my ram to 800 (to match their actual power) then I hit save and exit.. then after restarting the computer fails in the first 2 seconds, and resets to default bios cpu speed.

    Frustrating. I dont know what Im doing wrong.
  5. I don't know too much about how exactly Intel "locks" the multiplier, but if they physically did it, I don't think there's any way. If there was, there'd be mods out there right now.

    If you want to keep trying, try setting everything on auto for your ram. It's also possible that your motherboard can not handle such speeds.
  6. Is just for the .5 support. You cant make it more multis then it is set for. You could do like 7.5 now though. I can set mine at 50 but it defaults back to 9.5.

    The CPU is smarter then you are.
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