CD drive and page file Hard Drive on same IDE Cable?

My main drives will be SATA but I have a HD that I want to use only for a Photoshop page file and CD burner that I want to re-use on a new computer build.

I know you aren't supposed to put a HD and CD on the same cable as they would both run at the lower speed of the two. Would that matter in this case of a page file drive? Does it run slower all the time, or just when they are both running?

My new mobo only has one IDE connections. Will this work or should I just by a new DVD burner? Trying to keep from burning through too much $.

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  1. Hi Reid,

    I would think in theory the only time this would affect speed would be when you are using photoshop and burning a cd at the same time. Even then I wouldn't think it would be a huge difference.

    You can give it a shot and see how you like it. It's not like it is going to hurt either of the drives it just may hinder performance. So if you need more performance I would probably get a new HD (sata) for the page file or upgrade your ram depending on the rest of your system spec's
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