Challenge -- Best REALLY cheap used parts gaming build

I've got another post pending (my very poor sister needs an upgrade [she's got a pentium III]), but in the meantime I wondered if any of you out there checked ebay/craigslist/classifieds often and could put together a SUPER cheap (we're talking dirt-poor) hypothetical gaming build made of used parts (parts that you'd see offered for sale fairly often).

Doesn't have to be upgradable, prices don't have to be real (but realistic with an honorable seller in mind).

Something that would fit in an old Dell case would be icing on the cake (just because I see old Dells for sale a lot).

Build assuming CD drive, keyboard, mouse & OS aren't needed.

Monitor is optional (I'm fairly ignorant of video card capability relative to monitor capability -- any instruction would be welcome...).

Thanks! mcaren
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    note near the bottom of the page there is a combo with a motherboard for $54.98
    but i would suggest clickin on the view all combos link and there is a motherboard and this CPU for $64.98 the advantage is it has a PCI Express slot for video. You will need a Heat Sink and fan though, cheap ones can be had for about $10-$15.

    The PIII you are talking about wont allow her to use her memory in the proposed build I would get her a single stick of 512mb DDR if you really think she needs more get another stick of 512.
    might want to buy kingston ram instead though, just to avoid compatibility issues.

    find the cheapest case that you can and toss that together. Might be able to find somethin from ebay just keep lookin

    For playing WoW a cheap card will work just fine
  2. Well i would go for a mobo with SLI or crossfire because it's cheaper with to srapheap cards than a new supercard.
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