Best High-Res Gaming LCD works great with xbox360/ps3

I am looking for the absolutely best ultra high-resolution LCD(hopefully something around 1900x1280) that can also match up as good as possible with either an xbox360 or PS3. Having speakers on the side of the LCD is not required. I know it is tough finding a product that does a great job at both, but that is my goal and I am really not looking for guesses. Money is not an issue. So far the best I have seen is the BenQ FP241W which would be good enough for me for the high-res computer gaming, but mixed reviews for using it with either a xbox360 or a ps3. newegg reviews indicate that some like it and some people say that with component cables it looks horrible with the 360 and with hdmi 360s it will cut off 5% of the screen so hard to get a good idea of how good the consoles look on that LCD.

The BenQ FP241W has been out a year, so I am hoping that someone has heard of something newer coming out which does a better job of working with either a xbox360 or a ps/3. Any experience would be appreciated.
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  1. The Gateway FHD2400 is another monitor you might want to look into.


    Newegg Link

    Also the Westinghouse L2410NM is a decent monitor.


    Newegg Link

    I was going to buy the Gateway Monitor from Best Buy because of it's features and specifications. Although I went to Best Buy for the day after thanks giving sale and the Westing House was on sale for $190 off $549 which was the gateways price. That was easily enough to get over some of the minor short comings. So far I have been very happy with the monitor though. Seeing how cheap it is on Newegg with the mail in rebate I would definitely go with it.

    I was trying to find differences in the image quality between HDMI, VGA, and Component with my 360 on this monitor and every one looked just as good as the others. Also using it's options you can have it display the 1080p with the black bars at top and bottom and maintain the 16:9 Ratio although using the Zoom setting to stretch it to 16:10 and fill the entire screen doesn't seem to morph the image enough to make it even barely noticeable and fills the entire screen.

    The built in speakers are not the greatest although they do get the job done if you can't hook a good sound system. Component and composite both have their own stereo RCA inputs, and for the D-sub/VGA there is a normal 3.5mm line in jack. Also you can't even tell the monitor has speakers.

    As for any ghosting I haven't seen any playing PC or 360 games. Also when running through the component or composite there is an option for dynamic luminance control. Turning it on brightens games and increases the contrast ratio. Although it does tend to cause the details in darker scenes to become muddy. So if your playing a fairly dark game turning it off fixes that and with it on bright games look all the better.
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