Asus P5N-D (750i Sli) With Q6600 - Overclocking

Im Running a Asus P5N-D With a Q6600. I have been told to overclock the board with the following information.

FSB - 1333
Ram - 850
VCore - 1.4
Dram - 2.1
HT - 1.4
NB - 1.4
SB - 1.5

These Settings are not right. They Worked but it glitches my computer up after a while. Lets say Im watching a AVI while downloading stuff at 900KBPS all of a sudden the avi I am watching will totally glitch and turn a 1000 different colors with lines running through it. But the background desktop will be ok... But when I got to shutdown the whole computer crashes. Whats wrong with these Settings????

I have recently Set the HT to 1.3 instead of 1.4, and I set the NB to 1.38, Kept the SB the same. Now my CPU temp is 47C and my MB is 41C. - while downloading stuff on azureus and watching a avi. (My motherboard would hit up to 45C when I had the HT at 1.4) Is this right? Can someone please give me correct voltages for my P5N-D Motherboard....
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  1. First of all what RAM do you have and why are you running it at that speed?

    The Q6600 is a FSB1066 CPU which at stock runs 1:1 with DDR2 533. At FSB 1333 in order to run 1:1 you would only need DDR2 667 and if your using DDR2 800 you could either underclock it and tighten the timings or run it at it's stock speed.
  2. Take these voltages as only suggestions and not a guide line. Overclocking through bios is a trial and error process, so start with an overclock of 300mhz on the frontside bus with stock voltage and run a stress test. If you remain stable continue uping the fsb until you fail a stbility test or blue screen; then bumb the Vcore by .01 of a volt (if permited by mobo) until you are stable. Continue this process until you reach your desired overclock. I wouldnt touch your northbridge or southbridge voltages just yet; I would only touch them if you cant stay stable with a high vcore (past 1.5v on vcore is not safe for the q6600 unless you are on water or extreme cooling). Get the latest copy of prime95 beta to put your quad to real work when stress testing.
  3. I think the reason why is because im overclocking with not proper cooling.. I just purchased a Cooler Master 690 Case with a OCZ Vendetta 2 CPU Cooler.. My q6600 is a G0, and the ram is OCZ Sli Edition 6400 (4-4-4-1T 800MHZ 2.1V stock)

    Itd be really cool if someone could post some Bios Voltage settings that has worked for them. I need the settings for HT, NB, and SB.
  4. (Q6600 User)

    Q6600 @ 3,2 ghz 400fsb (8 multiplier)
    vcore 1,33 volts (g0)
    Tuniq Tower 120
    Corsair XMS 2 DDR2 800mhz 1:1 standard timings
    no voltage screwing further..

    @ abit ip35 pro motherboard.

    or you could go with a safer zone, lets say, to 3ghz without too much hassle i believe at 1,31 vcore voltage.
    and it would serve you very well...

    also take a look at this topic it's huge, but contains good information, which might help you out.
  5. Alright I took your advice Now my setup is as follows

    Ram - 800
    3.2 Ghz - 8X Mutliplier
    1:1 FSB:Dram - 4,4,4,12,2T

    Vcore - 1.375V
    Dram - 2.1V
    HT - 1.3V
    NB - 1.38V
    SB - 1.5V

    I havent done any gaming yet But it loaded up azureus and im running at 999KBPS while watching a avi and everything seems to be running smoothly. Ill test gaming out in a lil bit, I just wanna make sure My avi is not gonna glitch all up..

    The Vcore on my Asus Probe saids my Vcore is running in between 1.30V - 1.33V
    CPU - 47C
    MB - 41C

    Does anyone know accurate HT, NB, and SB settings for this motherboard wth a overclocked Q6600.. A q6600 at 3.6ghz with correct NB, SB, HT voltage settings would be sweet.
  6. If your RAM is rated for a 1t command rate why do you have yours set to 2t?
  7. The settings I posted didn't work.. I uped my VCore up to 1.4Volts now my Asus Probe saids im at 1.33V.
  8. I never had good luck when I had the Command Rate set to 2T on my previous motherboards. I just set the Command Rate to 1T, with 4-4-4-12 timings at 800MHZ ram.. And it actually booted up windows xp 64. Lemme see if this turns out successful.
  9. Soon as I typed that I got a blue screen saying IRQL - Not Less then - Or Equal to.... So I changed my ram settings to 4-4-4-15-1T - the way the factory made it. If I get another blue screen Im changing it to 5-5-5-15-1T. And if that fails im putten it back to 2T.

    Download and burn this then boot to the CD. Run memtest with the memory set at it's recommended settings. If you don't get any errors then the memory isn't your problem. There are quite a few tests on the disk to help you narrow down the issue.
  11. Do you really think the ram could be the problem that the graphics glitch up when watching a avi? I mean is it possible? Or is that something to do with the Motherboard overheating or something.. I dont have a good cooling PC right now, its a cheap computer case and a Zalman Genti II cpu cooler.. That thing sucks. Im getting a cooler master 690 case and a ocz vendetta 2 cpu cooler in a couple days. Also did you want me to grab the Memtest86 or Memtest86+
  12. Alright, I set everything back to automatic, Im waiten till I get my new case and cpu cooler before I do anything else. Could you give me a rough estimate of where my HT, NB, and SB should be though at a overclock of lets say 3.6 or 3.4 ghz
  13. yo aiite - with my regular cooling supplies without all my new stuff this has been extremely stable for me. Has not failed on me once.

    1333FSB - 800Ram (Unlinked 4-4-4-15-2T)
    Vcore - 1.375V
    Dram - 2.11V
    HT - 1.28V
    NB - 1.32V
    SB - 1.50V

    What do I have to do to make 1600FSB - 3.6ghz Stable...
  14. Just an FYI you may be experiencing this problem:

    It's a problem only with Nvidia 700 series chipset.

    Here is a youtube of the actual bug, at the 1min mark:
  15. wow man thats totally it.... how do i get rid of it.. i havent read the forums yet, im about to lol.. if you know anything let me know man.
  16. Sorry, don't know any resolution. I have a Asus P5N-D 750i and 8800Ultra but have never experienced this.
  17. hmmm, you say you had a 8800ultra and never experienced it.. I have a 8800GTS G92.. but its a pci express 2.0 maybe the problem has to do with pci express 2.0 i dunno man. It doesnt happen when I dont overclock, only when i do overclock.
  18. I just got my new cooling supplies and I hooked everything up.
    Im at 3.6ghz I ran 4mins through a avi (the simpsons) :) Still runnen. My cpu is at 41C and my MB is at 40C. I havent overclocked my graphics card, but the fan speed is on 70percent. I hope to god It doesnt glitch up. Ill keep you updated.
  19. 17mins, im downloading 3dmark06 on my new harddrive, gonna run it... then play a different avi.
  20. crashed.... reloaded windows played the same avi that glitched... and get this man.. It crashed at the same EXACT molment that it crashed last night. I mean in the avi. It has something to do with the stream of the avi through pci express 2.0 or something. Its weird man.
  21. I don't watch nearly enough videos as you, thats probably why I haven't experienced it. So far the only video I"ve watched are Stargate SG1 DVDs, using the Media Player 11 with Vista64 ultimate.

    My setup:

    E8200 OC - 3200ghz - cooling with Thermalright Ultima 90
    P5N-D with latest BIOS
    EVGA 8800ultra stock speeds
    Patriot Viper DDR2 800 4Gig - (2x2gig modules) at 800mhz unlinked mode
    Windows Vista64 Ultimate
  22. Ive talked to a couple of people, I think it has something to do with a certain flow of the way the avi plays.. Lets say a ceratin avi is rollen through running 010101010101010101010, then it hits like 5 or something and everything gets glitchedup. Apparently using PowerDVD fixes the problem because of the way it renders the video, I used it last night but I couldnt find stable settings for 1600fsb, 3.6ghz but I didnt see anything wrong with the avi using powerdvd while testing.
  23. Hi JLewis,

    Would you be able to tell what is the best stability for Q6600 running @3.2Ghz? My Memory is Corsair XMS2 800Mhz

    Ram -
    3.2 Ghz - 8X Mutliplier

    Vcore -
    Dram -
    HT -
    NB -
    SB -

    Thanks, this would help out alot
  24. The problem with overclocking right now, is when you go above the 2.4ghz mark theres a glitch that happens in avi's if your not watchen tv on your comp you probley wont have to worry about it.

    I would say 1600 - 800
    8X Mult

    Vcore - 1.4375
    Dram - 2.11 - Check the manufacturer that made your ram, itll tell you what to set your ram voltage to.
    HT - 1.4
    NB - 1.4
    SB - 1.5
  25. I was able to get

    1600 fsb x8
    Ram 2.01 at 1000
    vcore 1.29
    HT Auto
    NB 1.36
    SB Auto
  26. Uhh, you guys do realize that without the q6600's factory VID your VCore guesses are just random blabbing, right?

    Just because it appears to work doesnt mean that it is right. For instance, the VID range of a q6x00 series is from 1.2000 to 1.3250.

    A 1.2000 VID chip can reach 3.6 under a loaded VCore of 1.3000, but a 1.3250 VID would need 1.44-45 Loaded to maintain that speed.

    So just telling someone to place their VCore on xxxx without first establishing the VID is kinda wrong!

    So any of you guys wanna run Core Temp and list the factory VID of your Chips, please? Not only am I kinda keeping track of the VID, but if you can also mention where you got the chip. Retail, OEM, in a system, etc... that would help as well!

    Unfortunately for you new guys... all the newer retail q6600s have been 1.3000 or higher as of late! And those are the worse VIDs.

  27. 3.6 GHZ Stable - No Lie... Disregard anything i have written .. Its BS I was misinformed... Heres a Asus 750i Motherboard Successful at 3.6ghz with a Q6600.

    1600FSB/800Ram - Unlinked (1:1)
    Vcore - 1.525v
    Dram - 2.11v (OCZ 6400 2X1GB Sli Edition) - I set my ram timings to 4-4-4-15-2T
    HT - 1.4v
    NB - 1.56v
    SB - 1.5v
    Disable under CPU Config - Enchanced C1E

    If you set everything to defaults - BE SURE TO SET THE TIME ON THE BIOS - If you dont your computer will get bsod's till you manually set it yourself.

    If your watching Avi's or Any type of video on your computer - use PowerDVD instead of windows media player and Winamp.
  28. Check the cores temperatures and make sure you have good cooling, stress out your quad core using PRIME MULTI CORE EDITION. it's free to download. And use coretemp to measure your temperatures. They should be pretty accurate, my bios is turned on a vcore of 1,37 volt but it is actually 1,33 so always double check!

    still running @ 3,2ghz 1600FSB ram 800mhz
  29. radium do you have any idea what the HT, NB, Sb settings should be for 3.6ghz
    I belive it should be something like
    HT - 1.4
    NB - 1.44
    SB - 1.5

    But it could be something like
    HT - 1.34v
    NB - 1.40v
    SB - 1.50v

    Someone overclocking a Q6600 on a different motherboard had.
    HT - 1.4
    NB - 1.54
    Sb - 1.50

    You have any idea on this? and Is there a way you can caues a error by under voltaging the motherboard.. or over voltaging a motherboard.. Whats the max temp on a motherboard??? If you have the voltages stable on a prime 95 run of 3 hours could the voltages still be a reason for a error. I got a new power supply coming, i thought that was the problem.
  30. I have this motherboard. It's pretty good but I do have some SLI graphic card compatible issues. Desktop/gaming won't scale correctly?!?!? I have a 24" LG TFT with DVI-HDMI cable. I am using winxp sp3 with the latest nvidia drivers.
    It doesn't work:
    2x Asus 9600GT 512 TOP
    2x Club 8800GT 512

    It's works perfectly with:
    2xGigabyte 8800GT 512 (overclocked ed.)

    I don't wanna use gigabyte cards cause they are so hot operating cards.

    Can anyone help me with this sick scaling issue?

    I have tried different nvidia drivers & bios versions -> no go!
  31. I cant get that motherboard over 1333fsb stable. My Q6600 stays at 3ghz fine though at lowwww temps of 33sitten watchen avi's 35C motherboard. But as far as the scaling goes, Make sure you have the latest Bios.. The New Bios 0601 is out, but not from Asus downloads. Go to and type in Asus Forums, go there go to motherboards p5n-d and look for Avi Corruption Fix - New 0601 Bios, get that one. That also takes care of the visual artifacticating while watchen tv, avi, mpeg in wmp11.
  32. try this

    Memory Unlinked
    FSB 1600
    Vcore-1.39v(1.4375 in bios)
    Dram 2.1v

    that should be stable for you and at the colck speed of 3.6 even
  33. Just wanted to throw in a new thread. These are my system specs and I'm running stable. Build date 2/1/2009

    Q6600 @ 3.0 - FSB 1333
    Vcore @ 1.325
    Dram 2.25v
    HT - 1.3
    NB - 1.3
    SB - 1.5 (Default)

    Memory UNLINKED

    OCZ DDR2 800 @ 866
    Timings 4-4-4-15 2T (Couldn't OC at 1T - PERIOD)

    I'm really happy with this. Yes, you could go much higher but why? If you really want a huge increase in gaming performance go SLI with two nice cards. Don't kill your CPU or other components.

    OH My Temps if your interested. I'm using a Freezer Pro

    36 C at idle
    50 C at prolonged load
  34. what is your multiplex? i put 9 is that how it suppose to be?
  35. Yes, I have mine set to 9 which is the default
  36. isn't too hot for 3.0?
  37. I use to have a P5N-D and Q6600 and I could never get higher than 3.15Ghz stable no matter what I did... AC Freezer 7 Pro worked alright giving me 37-38C Idle.
  38. ^^ same to me, if i dont play game then fine but once i start to play for 30-45mins my pc crash . ah, i give up on this.
  39. I bought my p5nd and q6600 back in december.

    Stable at 3.0ghz even at 3.6ghz
    coolermaster hyper 212 with 2 120mm fans push pull config arctic silver of course
    vcore 1.35625
    dram 2.110
    ht 1.40
    nb 1.36
    sb 1.50

    ocz ram 8500 sli memory unlinked
    fsb 1333.3 mhz
    ddr2 1066.7 mhz

    disable these
    limit cpuid
    enhanced c1
    intel speedstep tech

    vga pny nvidia 9800 gt 1024mb

    turn off verticle sync u wont have no more problems
  40. get a similar config:

    for me i've been able to put the q6600 up to 3.4Ghz (425*8) (RAM at 797Mhz real)

    coretemp reports VID 1.225v in load

    all cpu features activated except thermal throttle

    RAM is running 5-5-5-12-2 under 2.09V (4*1GB Corsair PC6400 cas4)

    the system is fully stable (i managed to keep HT at x5)

    if you need more details about bios settings, let me know :D
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