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can someone kindly help - I just assembled my first PC (based on Asus p5w DH) and was quite pleased to get everything up-and-running relatively quickly. Things were working fine until I downloaded the Windows updates to XP Pro SP2 - one day later when I switched on my PC I could not get the ASUS WiFi-AP Solo to work, I get a grey screen with the Wifi-AP solo logo.

WiFi seems to work as the Windows Wireless Lan util detects the network.

I've tried to re-install the drivers with no success

Has anybody encountered this problem ?
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  1. List the specs.

    Did you update bios?
  2. Hi, system is as follows:

    Asus P5W DH Deluxe
    Intel E6700
    Corasir 2 Twin 2x2048-6400 c4 DHX 4 GB
    Saphyre x1650 pro 512 MB pci-e
    2 x 250 GB Western Digital SE-16
    Corasir HX620
    Antec P182
    XP Pro SP2

    My BIOS version is the original the board came with, version 2004.

    Strangely windows XP detects the wireless network however I'm not able to connect to it even using XP ....
  3. So you can log on to Windows?

    Regarding wifi, I suggest you post the specs & question in networking forum.
  4. ok thanks I'll do that !
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