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hello, i have got a bad infection in my pc. this is svchost.exe malware located in /user/appdata/temp.
it multiply the files stored in cookies folder. it always run with the svchost services. i found the bad srvice using svchost security check ad i remove the service, in connection to the right PID, using security task manager. i remove even the file trough malwarebyte but everytime i restart my pc it jumps out gain.
then i tried many tools in windows safe mode (hjackthis, spybot combofix ) but nothing
please help thanks
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  1. Uhhh, I don't think svchost.exe is malware. It is a system process.

    Unless there is a piece of malware disguising itself as svchost, in which case you would have to use an antivirus program program to contain.
  2. Use system restore and go back 10 days and it should be gone
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