Build troubles, thinking of changing mobo

hey all,

having problems installing Windows XP on this new build:

Abit IP35-E
Intel e6750 Core Duo 2
Aerocool Zerodba 500W
G. Skill 2 x 1gb DDR2 800
WD 250gb HDD
LiteOn SATA optical
ATI Radeon HD 2900 PRO

I suspect it may be the mobo, RAM or PSU but not sure. If I RMA the mobo and get the Gigabyte P35-DS3L and hook it up in its place, will it be ok? I'm gonna have to narrow down whats going on so that may be my first choice. Just wanted to know if that would have a bad effect (switching manufacterers), and if you think that's a good switch. I'm working on a budget.

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  1. Maybe it would be best if you list what problems you are having... it maybe something simple that can be fixed.
  2. goes:

    1) This doesn't seem to be a big problem but there's a message when the comp first boots up saying "detect drives done, no any drive found"...not sure what that means. BIOS recognizes the SATA HDD and the HDD functions fine as far as I know

    2) during windows XP install, i get an error message for the file:
    "usrvpa.dll" gives the option to retry or skip...retry doesn't work so I skipped...then it says that XP may not work properly, but it installs anyway

    3) once XP is installed i have all kinds of problems:
    a) internet does not work
    b) installed audio driver for mobo but sound does not work
    c) random freeze ups and shut downs when I install different drivers
    d) computer will randomly restart in the middle of application/driver installs
    e) tried to install SP1 and it says there is a corrupted file during extraction
    f) ATI Catalyst Control Center does not install properly
    etc. etc. etc

    Its like its hit or miss with everything. I've tried re-installing muliple times...tried it with creating a partition or not creating a partition, tried reversing order of program and driver installs (i.e. mobo drivers first, then graphics, vice versa).

    There you go
  3. i found out the usrvpa.dll has to do with U.S Robotics Modem Driver...not sure what that is or why it would be a big deal...i didn't even have an ethernet connection during the XP install.
  4. This is the original version of XP? You need to slipstream SP2 ...
  5. It sounds like you have a corrupt WinXP disk. One way of checking is to borrow the version (Home, Pro) from someone else, then simply use YOUR serial number when it asks for a serial number.

    You need to be certain that it is a regular commercial version, not an oem version tailored to a certain brand, such as a WinXP Pro disk that came with an HP notebook.
  6. The WinXP Pro disc is actually borrowed from an IT buddy that I work with. He's used it multiple times on other machines and it works, but maybe there's some issue with mine, not sure. Anyway, I ordered a brand spanking new install disc of WinXP Pro w/ SP2c from and overnighted it. I'm gonna try that tomorrow, if I get the same issues, I'm assuming hardware failure and will go from there
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