need to delete a external maxtor one touch

I recently was given a Maxtor One Touch 4 Plus external drive.
I managed to get Vista to recognize the drive as far as the drivers go but I am having trouble
getting the drive to initialize.

It is seen in disk managment as disk 1 (with 0 being the internal) and it says that it must be initialized.
Ok got that but when I try it tells me that it is write protected.

Now Im not after anyones secrets I am just looking for a way to format this drive.

I read some where that Matrox will sell me the download but I was hoping someone else has come accross this and I can format regardless of the security.
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  1. Hey

    I have the maxtor with the security on. I read the maxtor site and you just have to enter the serial number to get the software download. Through that you can format it.

    I think that is the silliest thing ever, but it seems that is the way its done.
    If you didn't get the cd with it, the software is there to download.
  2. well I tried their support site and they sent me a bad link.
    Maybe someday their webmaster will read his email and fix the link.

    So I guess in the mean time I will have to try to find someone with the cd that will send it to me.
    Specifically I need the ot4plus.exe file
  3. You might have some luck with the freeware lowlevel format tool from

    It recognizes my SCSI, ATA and USB drives.
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