Please help me get myPC to display through HDTV(8800 GTS)


I want to display my PC to my hdtv(720, with an HDMI hookup).

I have an 8800 GTS, so what will I need to run it to the T.V? I just want to lay on my couch while I play sometimes.
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  1. Your 8800 probably doesn't have an HDMI output.

    However, it probably has an adapter to output component video - three RCA-type cables, one blue, one green, and one red. Your HDTV probably has component inputs. You'll need a component video cable to attach the two, though.

    This will let you run in 720p mode. Should look great.
  2. Well, it has DVI. Would a DVI to HDMI adapter work?

    Im thinking it would go:
    DVI to HDMI adapter in the back of my PC.
    HDMI cable from the adapter to the TV.

    Does this sound right?
  3. After some digging, I found this.

    How would this do?
  4. its what i use for my 1080p as a single cable. dvi on one end hdmi on the other. since hdmi and dvi specs are hardware compatible minus the fact you can't send sound down the cable cause thats not part of the dvi spec. what u found will work just fine.
  5. So how would I get the sound to go from the PC to the t.v if Im going to use this cable? How do you transmit your sound?
  6. The sound will come from your computer or you can get sound if you have s/pdif out on your computer.
  7. I have spdif out on my PC, but I dont see a spot for it on my t.v. What will the connector on my TV say?
  8. There should be one lone round port on the tv labled audio something or other.
  9. What you need is something like this

    It's a mini-stereo (connects to your sound card) to RCA (connects to your TV).

    -Wolf sends
  10. DVI to HDMI doesn't always work, unfortunately. But it's cheap and worth a shot.

    Why don't you like the idea of using component video cables?
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