Free "virtual" usb keyborad software?

All I need is a software that "pretends" to have inserted a keyboard in one of my usb drives. Just like daemon tools does with
virtual drives. The reason why I need this is that I have some problems with my keyboard, and the problems seems to be solved by having another keyboard connected (my old usb keyboard). I don't want to have 2 keyboards connected.
Any help is appreciated.
Edit: Sorry for the typo in the headline
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  1. If you are having keyboard problems, check your Device Manager for a badly installed device.
  2. The problem I am having does not show up at the device manager.

    When I start my comp, I may hear a strange ticking noise (only ever hear it before the OS loads), and when I start trying to do stuff, my keyboard just seems to send "enter" signals all the time. This makes writing impossible, targeting shortcuts causes multiple instances of the program to start in less than five seconds, among other "funny" things. The effect stops after I press ctrl-alt-del and choose task manager. It is also hard to test if something has solved it, because it only happens once a day. I have tried installing drivers from the internet (only mice drivers on the CD which was in the package). I had this problem before, and I even deleted everything on my drives and reinstalled windows to remove viruses.

    I hope this explains it well enough :(
  3. Is this a laptop computer? If so, it is possible to replace a laptop keyboard.
  4. It is a dektop, and I am using an a4tech KB 28-G keyboard. I kinda have the solution, which is to have another keyboard plugged in at the same time. I just don't want two keyboards at my desk.
  5. If it is not a bad keyboard driver and replacing the keyboard doesn't solve the problem, then the problem is probably with the motherboard. One possible thing the try is

    If that doesn't fix the problem, then in my opinion it's your motherboard.
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