Black Screen - After Logo - The end of the world.


I'm having the next trouble.


When I start a machine with XP after window's logo i get a black screen and nothign happens.


- Windows is not loaded. I know this because I have tried to shutdown using key commands. And i have write a script that prouces a beep and I have put it on "Start". Conclusion: No arrives to windows.

- I have tried 5 different graphics that works 100 % in another computer. Nothing happens.

- I have tried at least 6 different versions of nvidia drivers.

- If I disable de the graphic card i can arrive to windows.

The best test: I put the HARD DISK in a absolutely different machine, with different motherboard, different chipset, power supply, etc and I GET THE BLACK SCREEN.

- I start enabling windows xp log and I get this:

... Text

Controlador cargado NDIS.sys
Controlador cargado Mup.sys
No se ha cargado el controlador Equipo multiprocesador ACPI
No se ha cargado el controlador Códecs de audio

... More text (very larg log)

- I have tried to reinstall intel chipset drivers...

Any idea ??
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  1. Hopefully you have the original operating system disk. Boot it from the CD drive before starting windows, select repair install without reformatting the hard drive.
    After your operating system re-installs, delete the old video drivers before installing the nvidia drivers, if needed. The system may have been corrupted by a microsoft update. It is advisable to shut off microsoft update to avoid any more unwelcome surprises in the future. Then back up all your files in case this happens again in the future. If it does happen again, do a fresh install, reformat the drive, re-install your files from your back up, shut off, don't use microsoft updates.
  2. MrHendrix said:
    The best test: I put the HARD DISK in a absolutely different machine, with different motherboard, different chipset, power supply, etc and I GET THE BLACK SCREEN.

    Actually, I think that's the very worst test. A different PC will require different drivers, so the chances of it booting from your hard disk are very slim.

    You've already located the cause of the problem (if you disable the graphic card it works). Boot up with the graphics card disabled, remove all drivers, reboot and install the correct driver. If that doesn't work it could be that your graphics card is broken.

    Alternatively, if you let people know details of your hardware (in particular m/b and graphics card) it may be possible to give a meanigful answer.
  3. ijack.

    When I changed the HD to another computer, i put the drivers of the chipset... everything needed.

    Hardware... like I said before I try with 5 different nvidia cards and 1 ati card. The problem appears ALWAYS. I tested the 6 cards in other computers and they work fine.


    Yes I have the original CD. In fact, i have a clean image of my system. But I'm working hard to get:

    a) A work around. Solution.
    b) The cause of the problem.

  4. Drivers... different versions, installing from safe mode, from normal mode, cleaning before, without cleaning, nvidia drivers, ati drivers.

    If I disable RAID mode in BIOS I can start windows (but I do installation with RAID mode and RAID drivers).


    - If I disable the graphic card i can start windows.
    - If I disable de RAID I can start windows and the graphic card works perfect with 1680 x 1050

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