What cable does my SATA HDD need to work?

1.I'm going to be using a
Seagate ST3640323AS 640GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive
(OEM = No cables included)
In my new PC and am in the dark about which type of cable I need to purchase to connect it to the mobo. I'm using a ASUS P5Q Pro and a CORSAIR CMPSU-650TX 650W PSU
which I assume has the proper power cable for the drive already. so, can someone point out the cable I need to purchase along with the HDD?

2. Also, this will be the first time I set up a Sata drive as a master, installing Vista on it. Is there anything I need to learn on how to install and get it up and running since the drive won't be coming with an installation cd?
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  1. Check the Newegg page for a P5Q Pro mobo, like this:


    Click on the product pictures, and click on the one showing all the package contents. Those two red cable in front center with black end connectors are the data cables for SATA drives. They should come with your mobo, unless you got a used one or open box unit with missing items.

    When you set up, there are usually three things you need to set in BIOS. By default, some boards have the SATA ports disabled. First thing to do is check the SATA controllers. If they are disabled, change to enabled. Then you need to specify how they will handle the SATA ports. Your choices MAY be: PATA emulation, AHCI, SATA, or RAID. Unless you need RAID, do not do that. PATA emulation is easiest - the mobo makes the SATA drives look like ordinary PATA drives and the OS already has all the drivers it needs to handle that. If you choose SATA you MIGHT have to install drivers in order to use them. Last thing is to go to a separate page in BIOS and specify the boot order. You'll need to tell it that your SATA drive (or emulated PATA) is the boot device, or at least one of them. I often set my system to use the sequence: floppy (I have one), then DVD/CD drive, then SATA HDD unit 0.
  2. Great information. Thankyou much Paperdoc
  3. I bet you have the cable and just don't know it.
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