Pc not booting with 2 sticks of memory

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well.

i was wondering if i could get a little help,

i have recently upgraded an old TIME machine i had at home, it only had 256k memory. i ran the crucial webite tool which checks how much RAM i can put in and which type it uses. IT says i can put in 2 1GB DIMMs RAM. i purchases 2 and when i put both sticks in windows will not boot. However it is showing in the BIOS as having 2gb of RAM. Windows boots fine with only 1 stick in (in either slots).

i dont have to model of mother to hand.

Can anyone shead any light.

thank you for help in advance
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  1. Are you sure its your new memory?Your motherboard may have played its last decked of cards depending how old it is.You did say it was an old time machine.
  2. it could be, if it was the motherboard, would the bios still recognised it had 2gb installed,
  3. it could be, but maybe not you have to asked others with more knowledge on computers then me because i am in the middle of my first build and learning alot from this site.if your able to get in your bios your motherboard may still be good , when my motherboard died i couldn't even get into my bios. just asked around some more like i said, this is a great site for that.
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