C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\ refers to a location that is un

when ever i try to open anything i download i keep getting...
C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\Desktop\ refers to a location that is unavailable
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  1. Right click on the file you downloaded, and are trying to open. Click properties. Highlight the file path, and copy it. Go to start-->run-->and paste the path in there, and click ok.
  2. hi, thank you for your help, one of the files is in zip folder when i extract the folder i am getting the same message, i followed your instructions but i cannot highlight the path .
  3. If the folder is zipped, right click and choose the 'extract all' option. I usually create a new folder on the desktop to extract the files into. To change the extract target, click the browse button, and highlight the new folder you created, then click ok. Click to finish extracting the files, and then you can open them from that file on your desktop.
  4. right i have done this but again the same message has come up and has stopped anything opening, i tried again and this time the folder i am trying to extract is showing in my "new folder" in the list of locations which is on the desktop but the folder is not in my " new folder" !! hope that makes sense.

    i dont know if this of any help but i got a virus on my pc and ended up starting from scratch, since then i have had this problem
  5. Viruses can do all kinds of different damage. It's not out of the question that this could be the result. So you did a full format and reinstall after the virus? Did you backup any files and then restore to the new install?

    Try doing it in safe mode. If you don't have any luck there, download ccleaner, and run the registry cleaner until there are no more errors. Sometimes you need to run it more than once.
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