Still a learning material? Or a 1000 page weapon?

So I forgot where I found it but I appear to have an old book that says it can teach you HTML, the problem is that it's from around '97 and for mostly 3.2 with some coverage of 4.0

The question is if this has any educational value nowadays or if it would be better used to hunt small mammals?

Thanks in advance
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  1. If you're still interested in learning HTML 3.2 then it is of educational value. But if you already know 4 and are proceeding to learn 5 (or already have), then it isn't of any educational value to you.
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    There is no real reason to learn a standard that is no longer in active use. HTML4 is certainly still valid, but you'd be better reading something dedicated to the subject (or even HTML5) than a book that focuses on something that has long been deprecated and does not teach modern web development standards and principles. The trouble with learning 3.2 is that you'd have to unlearn half of it before getting your head around HTML4.x and HTML5.
  3. So to answer your question, your book is a 1000-page weapon now :)
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