Will you be overclocking a P45 mobo? READ THIS!


If you thought OCing an Intel-based system was complicated, think again. Apparently, to OC the P45, you MUST learn how to use:

* GTL Reference Voltages
* CPU VTT and its relation to GTLs
* Clock Skews
* CPU PLL Voltages

I find this interesting:
This is particularly noteworthy with quad-core processors because, if you’re finding core two and three drop off under Prime95 load, it’s down to the fact that the two CPU dies are not identical and while core one and four can hit the FSB you’ve set, cores two and three are having trouble. Tweaking the GTL can sometimes give them better stability.

Anyways, I'm up for the challenge. :D
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  1. Meh, you should set those anyways for a picture perfect oc on other chipsets. As for the challenge, good for you, go for it. :na:
  2. Sounds like fun, let us know how it goes.
  3. Actually, I'm going to wait a bit until guides and such pops up. My current motherboard doesn't have all of those settings in, so I have no idea what they do.
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