HP Blackbird 002 Bios version 5.05 flashed on an Asus Striker Extreme

What will Happen if I flash my Asus Striker Extreme Bios ver 1305 from Asus to HP Blackbird 002 Bios version 5.05 ???
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  1. With the intent of doing what...?
  2. So that I will be able to run X-Fire and Sli on my Asus striker extreme like the HP Blackbird 002. :)
  3. Isn't the Striker series 680i? Wouldn't it already support SLI?? Or is it X-fire it doesn't support? ...or am I missing something....???
  4. The Striker Extreme is a 680i chipset and supports Sli only not x-Fire. Hp have taken the Striker Exteme and added their own Bios that allows it to run X-Fire as Well !!! So i was thinking if i download the Bios from Hp site and Flash my Mobo maybe I will also have X-Fire and Sli supported on my Asus striker extreme. So has anybody done this with any success ?
  5. Gotcha...I guess there was interest as to which was and wasn't supported...I thought all the Strikers were 680i, but wasn't 100% sure.
  6. Seems a little fishy to me... dont know if i would risk my Striker for this.
  7. Yes here is the original article


    I must say Although the 8800 GTX / Ultra is still King of the Hill
    To purchase two of these monsters is still very expensive.

    We all know from reviews that two 8800 gt's are better than 1 8800 Gtx
    And we also know that Two 3870 in x-Fire are better and cheaper than 2 8800gt's in Sli

    With The 3870 X2 coming out soon it stands to reason the 2 3870 X2's in
    X-Fire will be what most gamers will want. Since they should outperform 2 8800 Gtx in Sli !!!

    I just spent alot of moola on my new system and not very happy that option
    to run x-Fire on my Asus striker Extreme is deliberately disable by nvidia by them disabling peer writes in the BIOS since the board can support x-fire. (HP Blackbird 002 is proof of this)
  8. hp build custom drivers for crossfire on the nvidia mobo

    why - its the stupidest thing i ever heard off!
  9. Obviously you have to use hacked drivers that goes without saying but if enabling crossfire on a 680i Mobo sounds stupid to you. Then YOU are clueless my friend.
  10. I am also looking into doing this, but with a EVGA 680i chipset. Let the research begin!
  11. Here is a bios update for the blackbird. Compared to Asus', it's twice as big.

    Think it's for the original Striker, and not the II.


    I would give it a shot but am RMA'ing my board for the 2nd time now.

    One excellent bonus with this mod is that one could try ATI's new multiview drivers. >: P
  12. I do have the BIOS from Hp, when you extract the installation file the HP BIOS rom 505.rom is is exactly the same size as the Asus BIOS 1305.bin. (1024kb)

    I have loaded the BIOS with AsusUpdate and in the comments it reads ,

    "BIOS image format correct , you can press button to update BIOS ROM."

    I have two Asus striker MOBO one is RMA still never get it back yet its has been over a month. Really don't want to risk this Mobo until i get the other one is back. Plus I don't have any Ati cards to Crossfire yet.

    But if some other Brave soul wants to give it a go let me know what happens. :)
  13. Looks like it works. :-D


    I will have to wait until i get some 3870 X2's before I flash my board as well.
  14. Well, I took the plunge and flash mine with HP BB BIOS 5.06 that was recently released and installation of Vista 32-bit was fine.

    However, when I tried to install the BB Nvidia driver, it reported error msg that my system does not meet the (hardware?) requirement. BB Networking driver installed without problem but the same error msg was reported on the BB drivers for Soundmax, SATA etc. One finding was that after I installed the Soundmax driver from Asus SE, I did manage to install the BB Soundmax driver over it but not for the BB SATA and Nvidia drivers.

    After googling for weeks, it was also reported that you need the BB ATI or Nvidia drivers and the trick to use newer ATI gfx is to update only the driver but leave the CCC untouched. However, I need to be able to install the BB gfx drivers in the first place!

    Look forward to some good news on getting their DIY BB running or confirmation that I should give up trying due to some unknown hardware restriction that HP BB has that prevent this. BTW I am using 9600GT SLI and not sure if I need to use 8800GTX or Ultra as in the original setup and that the error msg is telling me that the new 9600GT SLI is not supported.


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