8800GT: How Loud is it?

Right now im debating on whether to get a 3780 or 8800GT. Yaeh i know the 8800GT performs better in benchmarks, but ive heard its very very loud and has heat problems. How loud is this thing, and does the fan ever switch off? While the fan start running if im watching an HD movie? Because if it does.. and its loud... i cant handle that.

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  1. I don't think it is loud, but may be it's just me. My 120mm fan is a bit loud, so adding 8800GT didn't make any difference.
  2. I run mine at 50% fan speed and it isn't any louder than my case fans. It only gets loud when the fan goes above ~60%, but it will never do that unless you manually set it there. My temps at 50% never go above 75C under Crysis, and I'm overclocked to 700/950.

    By the way, the default fan speed is 20%, and that isn't high enough. Get Rivatuner and set it to at least 30%. Otherwise things will get toasty.
  3. If you play games with a headset or crank the volume of your speaker setup, I highly doubt you will hear anything, unless you have a quiet scene. With my headset on (plantronics) and no music/ game running I barely hear my pc running, and my pc is fairly loud. It works well at night creating white noise lol.

    Unless you are not listening to music/ trying to sleep, I highly doubt you will notice the sound.
  4. I second that. 40 to 50 percent fan speed has proven to be a good balance between noise and temp control for me. Replacing the stock cooler with a passively cooled Accelero S1 anyway for lower temps all the way around.
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