Microsoft C++ redistributable Essential?

Hello, several programs on my pc do not run, I've along with some other people have suspected C++ redistributable to be the problem. I've updated and installed up to 2010 redistributable, but still no luck.

Today, I've gone into "Add or Remove Programs" and I've started to remove some of the C++ redistributable, but I have a question.

Will my pc crash once I remove ALL versions of C++ redistributable from my pc? (If I do remove, I mean remove anything on the list that includes the words "Microsoft" and "C++" together, such as "Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, 2008 etc", "Visual C++ 9.0 or Visual C++ 2008 x86 Run time)

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  1. I don't think your computer will crash but a lot of programs require the C++ runtime to function like games etc. I say leave them alone because a program might automatically reinstall them and besides, they take up little space and memory so it shouldn't be a problem whether you use them or not. ;)
  2. Thats the problem. I do install C++ from varous games and application that carry it, BUT I want to make sure it installs with a fresh copy of C++, so instead, I wish to remove it all, then redownload it, but I'm worried that if I remove all of C++ Redistributable, my pc will crash (cause as we know, some apps use it to run)
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