dual channel freezing problem on Asus P5NT WS

Hi there,
I currently have freezing problems whenever i place my 2x1024 Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4 in dual channel on the Asus P5NT WS. It tends to freeze a 1 min or 2 after i log into windows. Atm both rams are on single channel and there are no problems of freezing and have left my computer running for a week, problem only occurs with dual channel and i really want to use dual channel for the performance.

My Specs:

Intel Q6600 g0
Asus P5NT WS
2 gigs Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4
galaxy 8800gts 512 mb g92 sli
Antec p182
Silverstone 650 watts zf psu

Note: i have not OC anything in my specs

Any help would be great!
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  1. I have the same problem with my Asus P5N32E SLI Plus. Both sticks work fine in Single Channel mode but freeze after 10mins in dual channel. Have tweaked the voltages and no difference other than making it unpostable. Tried with two sets of mem:
    OcUK 2GB (2x1GB) DDR2 PC2-8500C5 1066MHz Dual Channel Kit
    OCZ 2GB (2x1GB) PC2-6400C4 Dual Channel Platinum Revision 2 XTC Series DDR2

    Already RMA'd the motherboard but it was returned as working fine, BIOS updated to 0901 version.
    Total pain in the arse.
  2. Check the voltage in the BIOS and make sure it's the same as the RAM
  3. If it was the voltage, why do the same two sticks run in single channel mode?
    (and the voltage is correct)
  4. BlackIsle said:
    If it was the voltage, why do the same two sticks run in single channel mode?
    (and the voltage is correct)

    There is an outside chance one could run but not 2. Didn't know if the OP checked. Always possible a bad mobo.
  5. that's what I thought at first and RMA'd the mobo but the supplier has tested it and reckons it's fine :(
    The exact OCZ memory isn't on the QVL but is running fine at 400@5-5-5-15 2T
    Everything is at stock/SPD speeds
    QVL = OCZ2T8002GK
    Fitted= OCZ2P800R21G
    3DMark scoring 12000, PCmark scoring 8000, memtest passed repeatedly in single channel mode :(
  6. It really sounds like a BIOS setting if the mobo tested out and you've tried different RAM. I'd do the following. Clear the CMOS, next Flash to the most recent rev of the BIOS even if that's what you already have, and if all else fails, try different BIOS settings but this would be trial and error.
  7. i pasted this from another post if your not running sli get an intel mobo

    tyz wrote :

    i,ve had one of these a week now nothing but trouble. BSOD 0x0000124 and or freezing up as soon as it gets to the windows enviroiment on Vista 32 bit . Put XP on it little better but as soon as you ask it for some load freeze up's BSOD . Installed call of duty 4 never got to play it, error every time tryed to start programe. Nvidia chipset on the board not any good need wait till Asus fixes it...

    the reason is:

    1) nvidia mobo's suck!
    2) asus really does no make good 680 mobos so the 780 is the same - i use mostly asus mobos
    3) you have not tuned the system right - nvidia mobo's are really sensitive to voltage and memroy settings

    if you can not tune it and you have only one card - sell it too me or trade for x38 or p35

    for example - it can take 3 hours to tune a 680i mobo to 3.3ghz with q6600 b3
    it takes 3 mins to get every intel mobo to 3.6ghz with both p35 and x38 mobo

    increase your memory and cpu voltage
  8. I had a perfectly fine working combination of OCZ DDR2 6400 SLi Ready Memory in dual channel mode(2 sticks of 2 GB each)

    Then all of a sudden-my systems started showing blue screens-I removed and one of the chips does not work-but the system works fine with one stick. Motherboard settings are set to default.

    so why did one OCZ chip stop working ? the same non-working chip works extremely well on a dell optiplex 745 ???

    I think the culprit is ASUS motherboads.

    The north Brdige and Memory settings just cannot cope with Dual channel at full throttle and it fails to adjust voltage timings.
  9. you guys just happen to get a bad board or doing something wrong.always use same ram you start with.a lot of people try combining different brands or types of ram and hence having errors. i have the asus P5NT-Delux and have never had any freezing problems or blue screens of death.one thing to note too is if you are using pirated windows chances are who ever made the copy didn't do it right and theres things missing or things are not set right in registry and thats why you are getting problems.
    use legit software and avoid the problems.update your bios to the latest ,tends to fix issues with compatibly of rams and new processors .

    Im running fine on this board for few months already with sli nvidia gts250 OC cards and extreme gaming ram.havent had a freeze up at all.well good luck guys.
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