Watching TV / Playing Games on my monitor

How do i go about watching tv and playing games on my monitor? I currently have a monitor with DVI and VGA inputs, but would this be able top play an xbox (both original and 360, as i havnt bought the 360 yet)

I found a TV card

Now will this let me plug my xbox into the composite on the card which then displays on the pc?? or should i plug straight into VGA with an adaptor?

Then i use the card for TV and attatch an aerial or something. I assume you need an aerial / digital lead to actually pick up an image. They dont really make it clear HOW you get the TV.

Thanks for everones time :D
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  1. TV:
    You need a TV card, UNLESS you have an extarnal tuner (VCR, DVD recorder) to change channels, in which case you only need a video input/video capture card.

    All you need is a video input/capture card.
    Also, there's a VGA output cable available for the 360 I believe.

    New radeons will capture high-quality component video I believe, so if you don't need a tv tuner card they might be the way to go.
  2. Going from xbox->video capture card->pc monitor, is a bad idea. You will not get good quality, and you will get lots of lag.
  3. Good point... forgot about the capture card lag.

    Might be better off with an Xbox VGA output cable for gaming then.
  4. ok so Xbox VGA out sounds good. And is the TV tuner card i found suitable? how does that look?
  5. Looks fine to me.
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