Changing motherboards? Problem?

Guys, need your help again.

I want to change my motherboard from D975XBX to IX38 QuadGT. Will I have to reformat my drives? I want support for the up and coming intel processor and want to run my HD3870 in crossfire 2.0. I will using my current E6600 along with my 2 raptor harddrives and crucial ballistx ddr2 800. Are they an other problems I may run into.

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  1. You can probably do a Windows repair on your hard drive with your OS on it using the installation disc.Would be a good idea to back up your current configuration before doing anything else.If it was me,I'd re-install windows.Good luck.
  2. A clean install is the best way to go.
    That said, if you uninstall all the drivers that you can before you swap out the boards you will have a better rate of success.
    If your Raptors are in a raid configuration currently, that my pose some difficulties for a swap
    Also the age of the current OS install will also pose challenges, the older it is the more trouble that will pop up post swap.
    I once did a swap of an nVidia chipset board for a newer one that seemed to work ok at first. But over time it started to become unstable and a full drive wipe and install was needed to fix it.
    But I install and remove software on a constant basis. I run reg cleaners and all types of OS maintenance software but even that will not stop the gradual decline of an MS OS over time.
    I would go with a clean install personally.
  3. I agree with the clean install. That way your OS will be fresh and fast.
  4. I also say go with a clean install. That's what I will be doing this weekend when I replace my mobo.
  5. I say do a really good backup of any data that's important, then pray for rain.... Depends on your drive controllers how sucessful you will be. Two out of three upgrades, I was good. The third, I was glad I had the back-ups.

    You'll also have to call M$ to get a new activation key. And that's not a 'maybe'. Hope you aren't using an OEM version...
  6. Another vote for clean install. It just isn't worth the potential headaches of dealing with corrupted data, due to driver installation and leftovers from the previous drivers.
  7. I swapped out out mobo's with almost identical chipsets before. Even that didnt end well, nothing was detected as what it was for some reason.. Anyway another vote for clean install.
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