CRITICAL CHOICE: Buy Xigmatek, OCZ... or keep Infinity

I'm currently using a Scythe Infinity with dual fans (push-pull) to cool my Q6600 (GO) @ 3.3 GHZ, but wanted to be able to make it reach 3.4-3.6 GHZ and if possible with lower noise (I have silverstone FN 121 & 122 fans. The 122 is adjusted at a quiet 1200 rpm, but the 121 runs at 1310 rpm and makes a little more noise than I would like when sleeping).

Since there seems to be some coolers cheaper than the TRUE and performing just as well, and I'm short on money, I was thinking of replacing my Infinity.

What I want:

1) Spend less than 40$ (OCZ Vendetta 2 OCZTVEND2 / Xigmatek HDT-S1283 / Kingwin RVT-12025)
2) Silent operation when idle (like using azureus and non stressful aplications)
3) Lower my current CPU teps (since it reaches around 72ºC with prime95 (at 24º room temp)
4) If possible get my Q6600 GO from 3.3 to 3.5 GHZ.

So I read about the Xigmatek, Kingwin and OCZ coolers on this "Best CPU Coolers of Q1 2008" article from ( saying those 3 coolers outperformed the TRUE and that the OCZ was the winner. Since they cost less than 40$...

1) Do you recomend me buying one of them and replacing my current one?
2) which one?
3) Is it true about the Vendetta2 being better than the other 2?
4) Is it true that they perform at least as good as the TRUE?
5) Considering I'm on a dual fan config with lots of airflow (scythe Infinity) will I be able to get those 72º to at least 67º with a single fan solution mentioned before?
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  1. Just a little update: Tenps get to 72º and I would like to lower them to at least 67º
  2. The Infinity should be performing [much] better than that, especially considering your fan arrangement. Spend a few dollars on the ArctiClean solutions and Tuniq TX2 and clean and remount your existing cooler, you should see results in the 55-65°C range under full (2 Orthos with set affinities). Use this guide to help you acheive optimal coverage and thermal performance.

    If that doesn't work, buy the Xigmatek S1283 (or Xigmatek S963/OCZ Vendetta2 for even less). Besides, you could use the cleaning solutions and TIM in the future with your new cooler if it doesn't work out.

    FrostyTech measured the Infinity (Mugen) at 150W with a single fan at 1200 rpm and the DT was 20.3°C (which would be 44.3°C @ 24°C ambient in an open bench setup). At the worst you should be touching the 60°C mark.
  3. Q6600 frezer 7 pro @3.2ghz maxed out at 66 degrees C, without the fan goin full speed. so something isnt quite right.
  4. I'm using coretemp for the temp readings. Does that app. gives good readings for a quad core?
  5. Use Everest or SpeedFan (not quite as good).

    Edit: You didn't change your Vcore in BIOS did you? What is the VID/default Vcore for your CPU (in BIOS)?
  6. ^SpeedFan needs to be calibrated to give correct/accurate temps (see sticky). Go with temps reported by CoreTemp and RealTemp.

    What ever you do don't go for the OCZ cooler. It is cr@p. I had 2 OCZ coolers fans die after ~2month and I replaced it with new 120mm fans. I recommend the XIGMATEK. See:
  7. it seems I changed the vcore settings some time ago and didnt go for the minimum.
    I made the corrections and can't go less than 1.35 v
    My temps have dropped to 69ºC on coretemp using Prime95 on all four cores (max FPU Stress)
  8. thanks Shadow, I'll consider not buying the Vendetta 2. Can anyone tell me how many degrees could I gain switching from that inf dual fan to the Xigmatek?
  9. If you're going to upgrade from a Scythe Infinity to a better air cooler, then just spend the extra $20 and get the best, the TRUE and a couple cheap 120mm Yate loon fans. Other coolers may perform close to it for cheaper, but the TRUE will still beat them pretty well. Otherwise, changing out the Scythe Infinity doesn't make much sense. I'm very happy with my TRUE.
  10. I am using the OCZ Vendetta 2 with Q6600 G0 stepping. Non overclocked, running all 4 cores at 100% with SMP FOH, my core temps according to Real Temp 2.5 are 45,44,44,44. This is in a P182 with the fans at lowest speed, setting fans to medium will bring the temps down by ~5C. For the poster who had fans fail, its cheaper and more efficient to replace a fan than select a less efficient cooler because of perceived fan life. Many of us will elect to use a more suitable fan when and if the original dies.
  11. $4 solution
    Go get some sandpaper grit 300, 600, 900, 1600 and a piece of glass to use as a flat surface.

    Remove the heatsink.... Lap that baddie and the processor. Apply minimal thermal paste; and watch your temps drop 10 degrees from 1-2 hour work.

    If you still feel like it get the Xigmatek and maybe drop 4 more degrees.
  12. Thanks rgsaunders, it's a shame you don' have temp readings with an OC CPU. You are right about the fan, althouug if I can chose betwen a cooler with a good quality fan and another with a poor quality fan and 1ºC less on my cpu (both at the same price) I probably would get the first (meaning the xigmatek).
    The main problem that I'm facing is if those 2 collers really perform as well as the TRUE, since I'm not replacing my infinity for anything that doesn't bring my temps down at leas 5ºC
  13. I think grieves idea of lapping your cpu is a good idea. It took me about an hour to do mine. I got about a 5 degree drop myself.
  14. +1 for lapping and reapplying TIM.

    I truly believe your cooler is performing non-ideally. Please save your time and money and simply try to reinstall it.
  15. ^ Yeah I have gotten some good temp drops by cleaning everything off and throwing it back together. Give it a shot. Make sure you aren't putting on too much paste. It doesn't take much.
  16. Ok, I'll do that and report to you later.
  17. rojito said:
    Ok, I'll do that and report to you later.

    funny comment... sounds like were your Boss or Parent.
  18. The report is due by Friday :D
  19. Hello Guys. You where absolutelly right. When I disasembled the cooler, I noticed two of four clips not proprerly attached, so I just pushed them into place and my temps dropped from 73 to 63. So I got a little ambitious and started clocking the CPU Higher. I'm in the midle of the testing, but I don't think I will be geting too high, since every couple of MHZ takes the temps way up. I Think I'll settle for 3.4 - 3.45 (I was on 3.3). I reached 3.6, but I nedded to have my the variable speed fan at full speed (2400 rpm) wich is too noisy (ideal 1300-1400 rpm).
  20. grieve said:
    funny comment... sounds like were your Boss or Parent.

    By the way grieve, English is not my native language, so I tend to say things that seem funny to nateve english speakers. Anyway, I`m pleased I could get a smaile out of you people that saved me 40$

    Right Now I'm at 3.45 GHZ 71ºC. Ill go to 3.4 to be under 70 and tell you my final setup.
  21. Ok, so this is my final setup, thanks to you guys:

    Q6600 @ 3.4GHz (Before 3.3)
    Max Temp. using Prime95 stress test Small FFT 70ºC (Before 73ºC@3.3).
    II don't mind getting 70, since I almost never use all my cores at full speed, and if I know I'll be doing that for a long time, I can just set the variable speed fan at 2400 rpm and my temps drop to 65ºC.
  22. Did you end up lapping the CPU or cooler?

    I'm still in the "Dual Core" camp when it comes to gaming. I get great performance @ 50 degrees...
  23. The cooler was lapped befor installing it the fist time, the cpu wasn't laped that time because it was new and I neded to make sure it worked properly. I didn't lap the CPU this time either cause I was short on time (as always) and since I found two clips out of place I knew it was the main problem. Maybe somday that I have more time I'll do it, but I doubt it'll get me more than 2-3 degrees lower, since the coolers job is already done.
    By the way I can get the temps down to around 64-65 if I just reduce de speed from 3.4 to 3.35GHz.
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