BIOS command "Fine frequency multiplier" +0.5 , not working?

It was working before , but now , atleast 2 weeks is a different story


But with my previous problems with RAM not manually set and not working , i troubleshoot and try different BIOS settings , and read about them ... adnavced and M.I.T tweaker settings ,

So now i basicially know what i must set for my biso , which are good for my use ....

But i done something , changed something , or what , that System now DOES NOT recoginze the Fine frequency command , that ADDS +0.5(DEFAULT) to the Frequency multiplyer > 7 , so the DEFAULT CPU speed is 2.5 GHZ , now the BOOT screen reports 2333 Mhz as the CPU-Z ...

THIS COMMAND WAS ALWAYS TO +0.5 , never tried to change before ... only when i was checking if i must re assign it , after i spotted the problem , did not work.

I also remember i added the GPU i bought separately ... i RESETED(flashed?) the bios 3 times , weeks passed , my RAMS were all doomed , one broked 3 days after bought , i also flashed the BIOS now , DID NOT HELP ....

GA-P35-DS4 rev. 2.1 F9 BIOS (the F12 update is latest) i never updated bios before ...
INTEL quad Q 9300 2.5 GHZ
Windows XP pro SP3 (updated today), SP3 has no any effect.

The PC is high end , bought just a MONTH ago.
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  1. Clear CMOS and see (remove battery to clear settings).
  2. Ok, I took a look at your manual but couldn't find Fine frequency multiplier as a setting mentioned in the BIOS. Can you post a pic of your BIOS screen?

    The Bios update fixed the bug

    anyway insted of another topic i will just ask it here , it's not a big problem , it's just btw.

    i bought a 4 channel fan controller , .. i dont know if it's safe to just link the pwr connectors where they fit , beacuse its a half one , it is a standard 4 pin power but with 2 blind , 1 yellow and 1 black wire , i googled to get info what are this wires and colors , i found only about voltages , but what's with + and - , or that is not something to be concerned , is the motherboard going to alarm if the connectors arent properly connected ? i think so?

    and there is no any quick setup list in the box , nothing.
    i have pics if you need .
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