Helping a friend out...please help with suggestions?

I have a friend that is wanting to buy a computer and this is what hes thinking of

I told him that he could build that same computer for cheaper and It would also be better. Just putting parts together this is what I have come up with. The total is cheaper and there are rebates to make it even nicer. Not to mention the 64but OS. I know its vista but thats what hes going with. What do you think about this build...needs to stay below $850. Also this computer is going to be kickin for along time so upgradeability is kinda nice. The video card can be upgraded later too...

LITEON burner


Budget Videocard

Power Supply





Hard drive
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  1. The HP AIO PC is ok, but its 6150 GPU is crap for gaming if it's going to be a gaming pc. More like a multimedia one.

    The specs look good. The PSU is overkill. A Corsair 450W VX can power an 8800GT/HD3850 pc. You can find an Antec case with a decent psu like Sonata 3 for about a 100. If he doesn't play games, a 400W PSU is plenty.
  2. I'd go with OE MXP given Vista is still buggy and they're already beta testing SP1. I put the savings towards an 8600GT video card, you can get them for $85 or $90 with a rebate
  3. That video card will suck considering you can get a better one for around $100 or less (7600GT or 8600GT). Of those two, the 8600GT will be better for future games and I believe there is also a 512MB version. I don't know how much better it is than the 7600GT, so I can't really say if it's worth the extra money. I just got an XFX 7600GT for $70 after rebate. I have seen 8600GT go for $100 after rebate, but that's the lowest I've seen them.

    IMO you'd be better off going with a different CPU and MOBO combo. You'd get more for your money going with a GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L mobo and an Intel 4xxx CPU and overclocking it.



    Note that on the mobo you can find them for $90 shipped if you wait. They run sales off and on for it.
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