[HELP] dual-channel RAM

Anyone could please help me about this!!

My PC is running using a 512mb Corsair's ValueSelect (184pin DDR) since 2yrs ago and it works fine.
The problem now is, i've bought another identical stick to upgrade the memory but it seems that they won't work in dual-channel mode.

I've already checked the timings using cpu-z and it shows that one stick got 2 different frequency while
the other one got only 1 frequency.

Does this cause the problem??Is there anything that i could do so that it could possibly run in DC mode??
I'm using DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D mb.Thanks in advance!
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  1. My memory didn't work in dual channel mode when i played with the bios settings, i would recommend you to reset the bios to default and then only change the important things only
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