New to overclocking need help with new system

I recently just put together my first self build pc. i am wanting to overclock but have never done anything more than a gpu so far. Here is a list of specs for the system.

Koolance 1000w liquid cooled case
Intel QX9650 Extreme 3.0 cpu (liquid cooled)
Evga 780i Motherboard
4x 1GB sticks of OCZflex DDR2 1150mhz memory (liquid cooled)
10,000 Rpm Raptor 150GB HD.
Asus DVD-R w/ lightscribe drive
OCZ Gamestream 700w SLI PSU
EVGA 8800 GTS 320MB Gpu Currently overclocked

OS is vista home premium 64bit

Please give me your thoughts on how to overclock this system the right way, anything is appreciated.

For starters the memory speed is 1150 but currently only shows itself running at 667 in the bios...
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  1. Nice rig!

    It'd help if you had some type of goal in mind.

    That chip is supposed to OC rather well, but your board will have a large VDrop and vdroop, so that will be a factor!

    To set your RAM, select Manual memory timings in the BIOS and enter in what it is supposed to be. Just remember that once you select its fastest speed, if you up the FSB, it will go up as well, and may freeze your system.

    If it was on anything but that 780i chipset, I'd just say you do what everyone else is doing and first see where it can go without a VCore boost. Lot's O people posted getting 3.8 with no voltage gains.

    Do you mind posting the VID of your chip? Down Load Core Temp and run it, it should list it.

  2. My goal is really just to overclock the system a bit as it runs anything on high settings as it is. Just a simple safe overclock is all im looking at for the moment. Maybe a little insight on how to overclock the memory and cpu correctly. The stuff i do not understand yet is the timings and voltage e.t.c.

    VID was 1.1250v
  3. Interesting memory.

    Remember how you get your speeds, and that will determine what you OC too. Its all rather easy!

    FSB X CPU Multiplier = Core frequency. IE 400 FSB with a x 10 multi is 4000. X9 multi would be one FSB amount less. 9 x 400 =3.6

    memory is a bit trickier because you can use ratios to make it think its running faster. But its usually FSB X 2, for double data rate. (Then your divider applies if you are using one.)

    So try FSB 400, X 10 Multiplier, Set the VCore to 1.2250, Set the memory ratio to 1:1 or sync mode, The timings at 4-4-4-15 @2.2 v

    Then test it with Prime on all the cores. After an hour or so, if it doesnt have any problems, lower the VCore a notch and try again, until it fails in about an hours time, then add one notch, and you're almost stable!

    I had that same board, and it had a huge VDroop, so you'll have to measure that out! (Its easy, load stock values, your VID was 1.1250, so thats the Bios value, Manually set it to that. When you get into windows, use CPUz to check its idle vcore voltage. It will be lower than what you set it at. After noting that, run Prime 95 small ffts on all 4 cores, after a minute, note the new CPUz VCore value. Then list those here!)

    You're OC should be pretty simple. Make sure to disable all the Spread spectrum stuff you can find in the Bios! And you may wanna disable all the CPU functions except for internal cache. That way you have all the junk off that isnt currently needed. Once you are stable you can start turning junk on, that way you'll know what causes trouble...

  4. Every time i enter new numbers in the bios and save, when it restarts it comes up saying "in safe mode", and says to re enter or fix CPU and memory settings. Why is this. And when continuing to windows it doesnt show the values i entered. ex. still 3.0 ghz and 667mhz on the memory.
  5. Sounds like your board has a recovery option. Thats odd.
    Make sure you select Save and exit. Does it always recover every time you change it? or can you change things, but when its a CPU or memory option it auto recovers?

    Usually that occurs after it has had improper or incompatible settings entered. If its always doing it, then I'd guess its an error. Did you flash it to the newest Bios release?

  6. havnt looked to see if the bios is the newest yet. I have not really messed with anything else but since running when i try to change anything on the cpu and memory settings it seems to do it.
  7. You should do that first, because right now you prolly have a rushed initial release BIOS on it. Who knows what bugs it may have?

  8. Before flashing new BIOS try reset at CMOS jumper. Look in your manual it will show you where it is. Retry all your settings after reset.
  9. As a start the easiest way
    Only change FSB to 400 and Multiplier to 10 and set your ram speed to 400
    If in Bios you have the CPU ratio set it 1:1
    Set Ram timing to 4-4-4-12
    and keep everything else on Auto and see what happens

    Waiting for you
  10. Sounds like you need to reset your BIOS at the CMOS jumper before doing anything else.
    Turn off PC, Switch off PCU, Unplug PCU. Ground selt to case, Rest CMOS
  11. Heres where i have got so far. Did some reading on evga forums under a 780i overclocking guide thread. There were some charts showing popular clocks for my cpu. So currently i have got running at FSB 400, QDR 1600, Multi 10x, and memory synced at 800mhz. (4.0 cpu speed now). memory voltage is 2.2v (put timings back to normal but forgot i increased voltage from lupirons advice, should i leave it?) and also havnt changed cpu voltage. what next? Should i even bother changing any more voltages? Im thinking the highest i would want to clock is maybe 4.2-4.5 . I have run prime stress test and temps peak around 45c. So so far so good.
  12. Looking good. You don't need to set the voltages to anything but what works! if its working for you, looks good. Just be sure to watch the temps and voltages. You'd be suprised what the components can take. (And then I was surprised at what they cant take!)

    If the VCore is on Auto, its prolly changing by itself. Just pay attention and all will be well!

    On to my own testing, one of my chips was totally lopsided!

  13. 4.0 is working fine for me so far but i did today try to go to 4.2 and it seems any time i go above 4.1 or so a blue screen comes up before windows starts saying there is a problem then the comp restarts. What does this mean. Im guessing it has something to do with more voltage?
  14. Thats exactly what it more than likely should possibly mean.

    Hehe. VCore, what are you using to test stability and how?

  15. prime95, the first test choice which doesnt test memory.
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