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Need help with this, recently my son`s HP computer shut down and now we cannot get it running again, it powers up and it sounds like the hard drive spins up but doesn`t sound like there is any activity going on, just a constant spinning. The monitor light stays yellow and will only turn green if you disconnect it from the card. So I checked out the card in another PC and it works fine, I also tried to boot the hard drive in another PC but it will not boot up, however if I run it has a slave drive I can see it and pull data off of it, so what should I do just replace the hard drive or what? Thanks!
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  1. well you sorta have two choices,1 you can go to say majorgeeks.com , and dig around in the appropriate section for hdd repair utils, or,2,just get a new hdd for the computer install the os and extract what you want from the hdd,and still play around with some hdd utils.and 3 you could try reinstalling the os back over the existing install,seems likely that the boot sector might be hors de combat,,maybe still good,maybe not,i have done quite a few installs right over existing,and bootable installs,,if it is a software problem that will fix it,,,and if it is hardware ,well that's been covered,,,,,,,,,,,
    one more thing while you have it in the other computer:::: right click,on the hdd letter,,select properties::;tools::check now,,,,, here you will see an option to fix file system,,might get lucky.:)
  2. Thanks for the reply, so with the option to restore the OS, can I do that on the PC that is working and if so that will not interfere with my other OS will it?
  3. Well I installed the OS on the hard drive on the good PC and then tried to put it back into the PC that crashed but still get the same problem? Well what should I do now?
  4. Your hard drive isn't the problem.

    It sounds to me like you have a 1/2 dead power supply.
  5. clean the gold fingers of video card and RAM with a pencil eraser.
  6. Thanks for the replies, well I cleaned the video card and ram but no change, how do I go about checking the PSU?
  7. Buy a tester or pay a shop.
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