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Hi, I have uninstalled Microsoft Office Starter 2010 because it suddenly kept asking me to purchase or enter a product key in order to continue to use it.
My understanding was that it came installed on my Toshiba Win7 laptop. I never opened it until about a month ago because I was using another application.
I uninstalled Office Starter 2010 and installed Kingsoft Office in its place which is very nice and free.
Now some of my files don't open. I get the message about a "Application Virtualization Client not launching.
Error code: 4625852-0B211004-0000A09
After doing some checking I found that I would have to reinstall Word Starter2010 to fix this problem.
I do not want WordStarter2010. Microsoft Click to Run 2010 is still listed in the "Add/Remove" panel. Also, when I open "My Computer", it seems that the partition which used to be the C-Drive backup is now listed as "Microsoft Click to Run 2010 (Protected)(Q). I have backed up my C-Drive anyway...

Can I safely remove MS Click to Run from the Add/ Remove list?
I hope that this will solve my problem with the error code. I will appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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  1. I created a Restore Point just in case... uninstalled "Click to Run". Everything is working well now.
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    Unless you bought a full version of Office with your laptop, the Office that comes with new computers is a demo, only good for 30 days before you need to buy it.
  3. Thank you for the info. hang-the 9! I didn't know....
    I don't mind paying for the program but it's way too expensive and I really don't need anything with that many features.
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