Overclocked E2160 VS Stock E4600

Ok, so I'm looking for a processor to replace my crappy old Pentuim D. I've pretty much narrowed to down to either a Dual Core E2160 overclocked to about 3ghz or a stock Core 2 E4600. I am aware that the E4600 has a larger L2 cache, but i was wondering if the increase in clock speed would make up for that, or if the increase in cost would be worth any performance gain. I assume that the Core 2 is better, but how much?
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  1. You are going to get a new motherboard, yes?

    To give you an idea, a 4GHz Pentium D can not match a 2GHz 65nm C2D, depending on what program. And a 2GHz 45nm C2D is almost 10% faster than the 2GHz 65nm C2D.

    So, it's best to go with a 45nm C2D right now. Perhaps the E7200, which can clock very high.

    I was looking at this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819116064

    According to one of the newegg reviews, he managed an 100% OC. Pretty impressive, if true.
  2. 1. Yes, I would get a 45nm instead.
    2. you know it's not a fair comparison cause the 4600 can also be overclocked
    3. at 3.0GHz, a 2160 should be noticeably faster than the 2.4 part, but you must choose your components well to avoid headaches later.
    4. Between the two mentioned, I would go e2160 (as I already did), unless the price premium on the 4600 is small enough.
  3. I concur with the above. The good news is the decision is already made for you: get the massively better e7200 for a mere $15 more.

    Otherwise, the e4xxx series is in no-man's land: not substantially better than the e2xxx series (ie., not worth paying more for), yet not even close to the e7200 in performance.


    Read the Newegg reviews and google for more: the latest batches go to 3.6 GHz and beyond. I have the e2180, and got it easily and stably to 3.2. Although I had planned on getting the e8400, the e7200 is such a steal of a deal, I may not pass it up. In fact, for some MoBos, the e7200 is actually a better match because it has a higher multiplier, which allows higher overclocks without pushing the FSB as high.

    Good luck!
  4. can the e7200 easily do 400x9.5 without massive vcore? it seems that some have good vid, and others need a ton of vcore to get to 4ghz. i want to build a computer now, but is there a need? the new stuff is coming out soon. i am tired at gaming at 4-5fps in eq2 on this stupid laptop, but the wife wont let me build a computer now just to build another one in a few more months. maybe i will give it to my mom or something, maybe my sister. i mean, a $500 build is not that big of a deal. anyways, i was wondering if anyone has this sucker at 400x9.5....that would be the sweet spot!!
  5. 1. find your monitor/lcd
    2. good gpu
    3. mb & ram
    4. spare between e2xxx - 8xxxx
    i was having e2160 @ 3,003 done an errand and now iam having e4500 for free also @ 3,003 :)
  6. buy the e4600 you can overclock it just as well as the e2160 and the 1 MB of cache on the e2160 severely limits it compared to the 2 mb on the e4600
    (My E4600 is at 3.00 GHz with minor voltage, temps are still extremely low) Also evilonigirl the only reason the e7200 is as you say 10% faster than the e4600 is because it is running on a 1066 MHz FSB vs the 800MHZ FSB on the E4600, easy fix with overclocking. Also the diff from 2mb of cache to 3mb is minimal, it's mostly about clock speeds nowadays, check out toms hardawre cpu comparison. Most C2D are limited by the graphics cards.
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