8800GTS 512mb fan never runs fast

I have an evga 8800gts 512mb version and I noticed that the fan never runs fast on it. I noticed it first time when I say my 3dmark 06 scores are kinda poor. I fan always runs at idle speed (my case is open and laying on its side, so that I can look at the gpu fan). My system gets a 3dmark06 score of 13k with default settings.

4gb 800mhz crucial ballistix
ga-p35-ds3p board
8800gts 512mb video
850W psu

the extra PCI-E power is plugged into the card.
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  1. 13k is about right. Some get higher, others lower... but your in the average score.

    As for the fan, you will want to get rivatuner and set up custom fan profiles for the card. That way, it will spin up as the temps increase.
  2. As far as I know, this is pretty common on a lot of vid cards. On my card it would not increase past 70%, even when the card was in danger of overheating.

    If you are concerned about your temps download rivatuner from guru3d.com so that you can monitor your temps. Rivatuner also has a great tool for adjusting the fan speed at different temps. Just follow the tutorial they have on the site. Good luck.
  3. I believe that the 8800gts512 runs around 35%(+or- 5%) idle, and around %50 load(crysis). As said previously rivatune is a great utility to not only monitor the temps of your gpu, but also adjust the fan speed.
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