Wierd behavior or not?

If you know anything about this please help me out. I am about done building my new machine. Well, anyway I started it up just to make sure everything was working like I have always done before I finish. I shut it down and when I went to restart it it would flash on and off and on and off and would not stop until I shut off power. It would continue to do this until I reset cmos. I tried again and it did it again. If you are familiar with this problem or if there even is a problem let me know. Thanks.
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  1. Yeah that is definately weird behaviour! What is your complete system specification?
  2. I would start checking the cmos settings, seems like it's software related, but also, check all the connections from your case to the board.
  3. Well, not software or anything is installed yet. It is presoftware to check for power etc.
  4. hmm maybe the power button got stuck or smthg
    if you unplug the power button connector from the mobo and manually short those pins to turn it on, does it still do that on-off cycle?
  5. No, now I think it has something to do with the bios and not having the os installed. I don't think there is a problem after now installing the os and everything is working great.
  6. nice thats its working
    but usually without the os it should just stop after post and say something like "no os were found, please insert installation disc in drive etc..."
    shouldn't reboot it like that..
  7. He may have had the setting in the BIOS that is normally/default set to "halt on all errors but keyboard" set to not stop when an error is detected.
    This can put you into a neverending reboot cycle if no OS is detected.
    It could have been happening fast enough that he was not catching the message on the screen before the reboot started, or if he had the BIOS logo page displaying he would not see the error.
  8. That happens to my computer sometimes when I dick around with overclocking. Are you doing any of that by chance?
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