Virus protection?

What virus protection do you guys recommend? Im willing to spend up to $50 for a low resource hog, reliable virus protection. I just want to protect my recently built PC from teh internet lol.

Q6600 @ 2.4 gHz
2 GB ram
8800 GTS 640 mb
Vista 32
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  1. Personally, I prefer AVG Antivirus, free edition. 100% free, free updates.

    Also, firewall.....

    Zonealarm is good, I personally use one called PC tools firewall plus, both are available for free as far as I know.

    Plus of course run windows defender and keep your pc updated. That's what I would run myself. I do some light gaming on mine in vista as well.

    AMD Athlon 64Socket 939 3500+
    1 gb ram
    7300 LE
    Vista business, 32 bit edition.

    And yes it's due for an upgrade, but I actually do a little light gaming on it with those programs running in the background. So I think you'll be good.

    Also, adaware and spybot search and destroy are good anti spyware programs, again there are free versions available. Go get the free stuff and buy yourself a nice game and enjoy that new PC:).
  2. If you want a very light but still powerful antivirus I advise NOD32. But thats very light and I can see your quad can handle that like its nothing. But if you want what I believe is the best anti-virus is Kaspersky.
  3. I'd second the Kaspersky....
  4. Avg is good as free gets. But if you want something that works well and actually catches viruses in real time you would look no farther then nod32. it is bar none the best av out there.
    Check there it scored the highest out of all av's. It is definately the best.
    I forgot to add is uses less resources then kaspersky and avg.
  5. nod32 is good. I am currently using a trial version of it on my pc and it doesn't drain my system resources like norton did.But I hear that norton have got a new version out now that's also light on system resources.
  6. My Trend Micro Internet Security 2007 virus definitions just expired. Since I had a hassel with it working properly on Vista and it was a resource HOG, I considered checking another brand out. I did some research and learned Kaspersky is supposed to be frugle on resource usage and protect as well or better than other brands. I just purchased Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0, and hopefully it will perform well.
  7. Kaspersky is the best. I tested many but none can keep close kaspersky... Too many reasons why.
  8. I have used AVG for many years and never caught a virus on any of my many computers with it installed.

    The usage is so low as to never take notice of it.
    I would never consider paying for AV when I can use this.
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