Multiple hard drive corruptions

Dual core intel
Nvidia 8800 GT
4 gig ram
550W psu

Ive been having real issues recently with hard drives corrupting, brand new ones. They seem to last between 1-3 weeks before they just go kaput again. Ive tryed everything i can think of to get them back up and running again but nothing seems to last. One day it will just bluescreen and the bios wont even pick the hard drive up!

Any ideas? I could really do with some help!

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  1. all that comes to mind over here is,,1,download the manuf's diags for the hdd run diags if,they report a bad drive they will give an error code with which you will fill an online rma,check hdd warranty,if OTOH,they report as good then,zero the hdd,,maybe even 2x ??,your choice,,if after all this screwing around and they are still no go,how much warranty ya got per hdd???..
    any how i have done the above when i had a wd hdd that would not let me install an os at all,,finally rma'd it....:)
  2. Check that your PCIe in the bios is at 100 if overclocked or at auto if not overclocked.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, Ive already zero'd the disk and it worked again for anouther couple of days ... Guess its time to start replacing stuff. PSU first. Got 5 drives to RMA, funfun!

    Anyone else's input would be apreciated.
  4. If it keeps corrupting the drives like that, I'd start suspecting what sending stuff to the, do like evongugg suggested and check the pcie bios speed..should be 100.

    next, make sure there aren't any bios flashes out there for the motherboard and/or controllers sending the info to the disks.

    finally, move the large magnet you have on top of the case somewhere else. The magnet may not readily identified...we had an issue where a machine kept ruining drives and displays - turned out to be the motor in the drinking fountain on the other side of the wall was acting as a large magnet.
  5. Also, run memtest86. I had similar problems with bad memory.
  6. In addition to what others have said, what kind of motherboard do you have? nForce 6 & 7 series motherboards are known to cause data corruption.
  7. Its the Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI. It has a 650i chipset. Might it just need a bios upgrade?

  8. Most Nvidia chipsets had issues with SATA optical drives and would blue screen and reboot during OS installs.
    A bios update fixed that.
  9. I never buy anything associated with a guy named Wendel, unless the last name is Holmes
  10. Quote:
    Its the Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI. It has a 650i chipset. Might it just need a bios upgrade?


    Yes the 650i would also have been effected. I'd update your BIOS and to see if your data still corrupts.
  11. Thanks Ryun, ill give it a try.
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